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Elden Ring Players Are Making Money on Ebay by Selling Runes, Weapons, and Armor



Elden Ring players have found a loophole to acquire Runes and other various items through eBay. They’re also not in tiny amounts, with some postings claiming to have hundreds of millions of Runes available. Runes are the in-game currency for Elden Ring which is used to level up and purchase various items. Other gamers seem to have picked up on the trend as well, by selling rare weapons and armor sets.

You might want to think twice before hopping on the bandwagon as there could be some dire repercussions.

The question is if the vendor will follow through, as there is a good probability you will be scammed. If you do decide to go through with it and the listings works, you will be breaking Elden Ring’s terms of service and could face a lifetime ban.

Section 10 of the article clearly  states, “No Player shall be entitled to assign to, transfer to, sell to or buy from another,” It then goe’s on to specify this with “(‘Including so-called ‘real money trading’).”


This trade-off of real-world money for in-game currency is taking place through the online mode available in Elden Ring. Originally meant for summoning a friend into your world to help with a boss or enjoy some good time together in the Lands Between. Sellers are exploiting this mode by summoning the buyer into their world and dropping the paid for items.

This isn’t a new phenomenon in the world of video games. We’ve seen it before in titles like World of Warcraft and Escape from Tarkov. Both these games have had to come down with the ban hammer on thousands of players as the issue persists. It’s only a matter of time before Bandai Namco and FromSoftware become aware and start taking action.


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