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F1 24: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



F1 24 Tips for Beginners

F1 24 has garnered immense acclaim from the community, particularly among racing game enthusiasts. The game immerses you in heart-pumping races like never before. However, becoming a faster driver in F1 can be a truly challenging task, especially for beginners in sim racing. The complexity of driving techniques, the variety of assists available, and the variation of different tracks can be overwhelming. 

But fear not! We've got you covered. This comprehensive guide will help you get started and enhance your racing skills. By following these five tips for beginners, you will be on your way to mastering F1 24 and enjoying an exciting racing experience. Remember, the ideal playstyle ultimately depends on your individual preference. 

5. Optimize Your Assists

F1 24 Tips

If you want to win in F1 24, braking and steering assists are not traditional driving aids but accessibility options that can hinder your performance. Turning them off will give you more control over your car and increase speed. Although it might be challenging initially, you will adapt and see significant improvements in your driving skills.

On the other hand, employing the Anti-lock Braking System prevents the wheels from locking up during braking by releasing pressure when the tires are overloaded. As you become more comfortable, you can choose to turn it off for a more realistic driving experience. However, remember that turning off ABS can be tricky, especially in F1 games, and it may not always be advantageous.

Furthermore, for those new to sim racing games, using automatic gears will allow you to focus on learning the track. You will know the braking points and car handling without the added complexity of manual shifting. As you gain experience, switching to manual gears will give you more control over the car and enhance your performance. This goes hand in hand on tracks that rely heavily on mechanical grip, like Monaco.

4. Utilize Offline Practice Sessions

Trial setting

As they say, practice makes perfect. The rule is the same in F1, and to perfect the racing skill, you must utilize offline practice sessions. Interestingly, F1 24 offers a variety of modes to help you practice, including career mode, F1 World, and time trials. Therefore, you can start with offline practice sessions to sharpen your skills without the pressure of competition. 

Use the practice sessions to learn how the cars handle as you familiarize yourself with different tracks. If you do so, you will gradually improve your lap times. 

Notably, each track in F1 24 has its unique characteristics and challenges. Therefore, spend some time learning the layout of each circuit, including braking points and exit points. The more familiar you are with the tracks, the more confident and consistent you will be during races. Ultimately, practice is essential for success and understanding the challenges of each track in this racing game.

3. Start with AI Racing Before Going Online

Grand Prix setting

Before jumping into online races, building your skills and confidence in a risk-free environment is essential. Start with AI racing to learn race craft and understand racing dynamics. 

The exciting thing about AI races is that the AI opponents provide a safe and controlled environment in which to practice overtaking. Additionally, you will quickly learn to defend and deal with different racing scenarios. Similarly, mistakes only affect the AI’s race, consequently allowing you to learn without the pressure of ruining someone else’s experience.

Once you have gained confidence and consistently kept the car on track, you can transition to online racing. Online racing offers a more challenging and rewarding experience as you compete against other players. However, be mindful of your skill level and ensure you can race safely to provide a positive experience for all participants.

2. Learn and Use Reference Points

F1 24

Learning and using reference points on the track is crucial for consistent performance. First and foremost, you must identify braking points. Braking points are critical for maintaining control and optimizing lap times. On the same note, look for visual markers on the track, such as braking boards, changes in track surface, or side roads. These markers will help you know where to brake consistently each lap.

In addition, identify turn-in points and apex points for each corner. These points will help you navigate corners more efficiently and maintain a better racing line. Practice hitting these points to improve your cornering technique. 

Conversely, if you need clarification on the optimal braking or turn-in points, use Track Titan to review your performance. The insights provided by Track Titan can help you fine-tune your approach to each corner and improve your overall lap times in F1 24.

1. Analyze and Review Telemetry Data

F1 24

Learning to analyze and review telemetry data is essential to truly elevating your driving skills. This data offers a wealth of information about your performance on the track. Telemetry data includes metrics such as speed, throttle position, brake pressure, steering angle, and gear selection. Therefore, understanding these basics will show how different inputs affect your lap times and overall performance.

By reviewing your telemetry data, you can pinpoint specific areas where you are losing time. For example, you may be braking too early or not applying full throttle soon enough out of corners. Identifying these weaknesses is the first step toward improvement.

Additionally, there’s no harm in comparing yourself with others. Just as you learn from your mistakes, you can also get insights from observing other racers. Many telemetry analysis tools allow you to compare your data with that of other drivers. This comparison can highlight differences in driving techniques and help you understand what the fastest drivers are doing differently in F1 24.

Look for areas where your opponents' inputs differ from yours and try to emulate their techniques. However, emulating other drivers doesn’t mean you try to overhaul your driving style all at once. You can adjust gradually based on your telemetry data. 

So, are you planning to begin your racing adventure on F1 24? Do you feel more confident going into the game with these five beginner tips? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.

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