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Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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The Elder Scrolls Online is a sprawling MMORPG. It invites players to explore the vast world of Tamriel. However, getting into the game when so much content has already been released is. This wealth of content may cause some players may have trouble initially. Full of a vibrant world and many characters and quests to interact alongside. As with any new experience, however, there are quite a few tricks of the trade to help players along their way. So, here are Elder Scrolls Online:5 best tips for beginners without further ado.

5. Join A Community

Joining a community in an MMORPG is one of the more reliable ways to enjoy the game. Community is vital whether you are a player simply looking for companionship or help with a quest. There are many communities in which the player can join as well. These communities range in scope, scale, and purpose within the Elder Scrolls Online community. So no matter what kind of players people are looking to play with, they can find them. Doing so often adds a lot to the experience of playing an MMORPG.

Some examples of different types of communities with their ways of playing the game are. RolePlay guilds focus on being as realistic and lore accurate when playing. Those communities on the more casual spectrum want people to log in and run dungeons with them. If roleplaying or dungeon running isn't exactly your cup of tea, Elder Scrolls Online also has trading guilds that focus on the procurement and sale of items. Each of these groups offers its own experience tailormade for whatever the player desires. That said, joining a community is a way to gain more enjoyment of the game as a new player.


4. Don't Worry About Builds

Elder Scrolls Online is unique in its leveling and gearing system approach. With various weapons and armor types having skill lines and progressions, there's never a wrong time to switch. Whether it be your weapon or armor type, these systems are somewhat fluid and can be changed on the fly. This isn't to say that they lack depth; however, on the contrary, each separate skill line is exceptionally dense. This adds to the almost endless replayability of Elder Scrolls Online, as each class and build has its unique style and flavor.

For this reason, worrying about character builds, even toward the endgame, isn't something that should deter a player from playing how they want to play. On the contrary, Elder Scrolls Online has a delightful leveling experience that allows players to learn what kind of character they want to be in-game. A system like this alleviates much of the stress and “gear fear” that often plagues MMORPG players. For those unaware of gear fear, it is when players are so worried about being geared up for the endgame that it sours the experience. This is why worrying about builds is a great tip for beginner players.


3. Follow the Leveling Guide

Elder Scrolls Online is a game that is kind enough to newer players to include a leveling guide that can be followed to reach the endgame as fast as possible. Players interested in playing the game in this way would no doubt benefit from following it. Consisting of story quests for each region, the Levelling Guide is a beautiful way for players to familiarize themselves with the game. The Levelling guide for each area can be accessed via the quest menu and can be a precious tool.

So, in conclusion, if players are unsure of what to do in the Elder Scrolls Online, they can follow the leveling guide in whichever region they want to be in as the game world also scales to the player. This scalability ensures that no matter where the player wants to explore or why they can do so. Additionally, this allows players to enjoy content no matter where they are in the game. With that being said, this tip is vital for players who are just now getting into Elder Scrolls Online and returning players.


2. Use Group Finder

The Group Finder tool within Elder Scrolls Online is a brilliant way to find players running through the same content as you. This aspect can be crucial to newer players as they don't want to be left alone, while others only run endgame content. One of the reasons to use the Group Finder tool is that you may be able to meet like-minded adventures, then you've made friends. This lends itself rather well to the community-building aspect of the game. So newer or returning players should not hesitate to use the Group Finder.

While it is true that the Group Finder certainly does its job of searching for parties to play with, it also has other functions. Players can use this tool to queue up for dungeons or PvP battlegrounds if they wish. This tool is fantastic for players who want to get through the older content and get to the current expansion. The Group Finder tool allows players to swiftly run through dungeons with no worry of not being able to find a group, making it one of our tips for the Elder Scrolls Online.


1. Embrace Crafting

Crafting is an essential element in most MMORPGs. This statement has never been more valid than when talking about Elder Scrolls Online. Elder Scrolls Online has a more old-school crafting system than other games. Requiring players to level up various skill lines and procure materials on their crafting is undoubtedly helpful to the leveling player.

This can be seen when the player needs new armor to fill a gap between levels. However, Elder Scrolls Online makes it relatively simple to craft your equipment. Furthermore, the crafting system within the game is in-depth enough that players can solely work as crafters if they choose. This is due to the recipe system, which calls for players to seek the ability to make specific gear or food. Crafting is essential to newer and returning players, making it our top tip for Elder Scrolls Online.



So, what's your take on Elder Scrolls Online: 5 tips for beginners? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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