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Counter-Strike as a series has had a hold on the FPs community since its inception. The series, which is especially popular in the PC gaming community, has stood the test of time. This is due to solid game design and a satisfying gameplay loop that pushes the player to get better. With the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, fans have been clamoring for more information. So we have you covered. Here is Counter-Strike 2: Everything We Know.

What is Counter-Strike 2?Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved FPS staple Counter-Strike. The game appears to focus on bringing the visuals of the game to a more modern standard. This is sure to go a long way in terms of the presentation of the game, making it appeal to more people overall. The game also seems to boast quite a few technical improvements that are sure to offer not only a smoother experience but a better experience for everyone. Seeing that the popularity of the Counter-Strike series has reached its heights without these advancements, it should be intriguing to see what the developers at Valve are able to do with its sequel.

Described as somewhat of a twitch shooter, the game mainly focuses on the player's reaction and aim in combat. That isn't to say that there isn't any level of strategy, quite the opposite, actually. Players have picked apart every map layer and nook and cranny of the game's maps. Counter-Strike 2 appears to be improving many systems from the original game. These include the implementation of smokes, as well as map overhauls.

What Can We Expect?

The players and Counter-Strike faithful can expect quite a bit from the sequel. For example, the implementation and presentation of smoke grenades have been vastly improved to add not only more visual flair but more utility as well. This is a great t thing to see as it shows that the developers are not only looking to abandon the lessons learned in the original Counter-Strike but improve upon existing systems. Considering that the game features a full-length trailer on strictly smoke mechanics, its importance cannot be understated.

This isn't the only technological advancement either, as the tick rate for the game is also looking to be greatly improved. The smokes are just a small example of the bright future ahead. With the smoke becoming more interactive with the environment around the player, it adds another layer to the gameplay. The tick rate improvements also will go a long way to ensure that players are seeing the same thing on each of their individual screens. In a game where milliseconds count, this will go a long way in terms of the quality of matches.

Limited Test Information

As of writing this article, there is currently a limited test going on in regards to COunter-Strike 2. This seems to be a rather exclusive test. One that only a select few were invited. It is hoped that with such tight control on the players entering then, they will be able to tweak things to the developer's liking. This also becomes a testing ground for the many map changes and updates that the developers look to implement. These include total lighting overhauls and much more.

For example, many maps that have become Counter-Strike classics will be seeing a pass and complete overhaul in some cases. It remains to see how this will be received by the community at large, but for right now, it seems that the developers wish to get this aspect as perfect as possible. It is hoped that with the power of the Source 2 engine. That the game will look not only substantially better but will run smoother as well. So while we wait for more information to be released from the Limited Test of the game. The developers have put out a collection of videos showing off all the new bells and whistles.

Touchstone Maps

Dubbed Touchstone Maps, these are maps that have become classics within the Counter-Strike community. It is hoped by the developers that they can improve but stay true to the spirit of the original Counter-Strike. This is where the lighting changes come in. Many aspects of what makes a Counter-Strike match so tense is the fact that seconds matter. This is where the map updates come in. With updated lighting, quite a bit more visual flair can be applied to these already classic landscapes.

With these maps, it is hoped that they will be able to carry Counter-Strike into a new era of gaming altogether. This shows a commitment to quality within the title and keeping the player's interest at heart at the end of the day. The developers seeking to make the best game possible is a great sign for players. With quite a bit of familiarity, these maps will hold the player's hand while they enter an entirely new era of Counter-Strike.

What New Tools are Available

Modding and creation have always been at the heart of Counter-Strike. It is apparent that the developers continue to show that they are staying true to this concept. Utilizing Source Engine 2, players will be able to make whatever they need or want within the game.  This is fantastic and is sure to bring a wealth of content to the game in the future. This isn't the only aspect of the game receiving a look-over, either.

Cosmetics have always been at the core of Counter-Strike. However, with Counter-Strike 2, it would seem that there will be vast improvements in the fidelity of these textures, adding to the graphical polish of the game. This isn't to say that the older models will be forgotten; however, quite the opposite actually. In fact, there will be legacy versions of classic weapon skins and other items within Counter-Strike 2. This is great as it will retain a ton of the player's progression from the game. So if you are someone with a lot of time invested in the game, there is no need to fret. It seems that Counter-Strike 2 will be able to capitalize on the success of its predecessor.

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