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Brawlhalla: Best Characters, Ranked



When Brawlhalla first came out in 2014, it quickly grew into one of the most popular platform fighters on the scene. Even in 2023, the game's unique dodging style combined with combo-based attacks keep it a joy to play. The game's diverse 56-legend roster only adds to this fun. Each character brings something different to the table, which keeps the game constantly engaging with ever-evolving playstyles. Having said that, some Legends prove to be superior to others, giving you a better chance of winning online or against your friends. That's why we're ranking the best Brawlhalla characters right now, each of whom will help you dominate the platformer's playing field. So, let's see who stands out in the current meta.

8. Onyx

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Onyx is a large Gargoyle-type legend who wields a Cannon that stuns enemies and Gauntlets that allow for some lethal close-range combos. Though her abilities are entertaining to use, her stats solidify why she's one of the best characters in the game. At the forefront, Ony bolsters' great defense, combined with adequate strength and dexterity. As a result, this legend is a vicious tank that most players will try to avoid in most fights.

However, it's Onxy's combos that truly distinguish her from the pact and cement her place as one of the best characters in the game. As is true of most Legends in Brawlhalla. But the best part is that players of all skill levels can learn her skill set quickly, which is important because she relies heavily on her combos to win battles.

7. Teros

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Part bull, part man, this axe and grapple hammer-wielding character can hack and slash his way through any opponent using brute force. That's why you should have no trouble securing a knockout when playing this legend, as he sports some of the best damage stats of any character. The disadvantage of Teros' high damage output is that he lacks attack speed, so be wary of this.

Combos are an important part of achieving a knockout in Brawlhalla, and Teros is no exception. Make use of his ferocious axe blows, which launch enemies into the air and force them to the edge of the platform, allowing you to apply constant pressure. Nonetheless, after a few games, you'll understand why Teros is one of Brawlhalla's best characters.

6. Scarlet

Best Characters

This steampunk legend is one of the best characters in the game because of her playstyle. Which is meant to be aggressive as possible with deadly combos that can put players in a blender. Armed with a Hammer and her Rocket Lance, Scarlet can deliver hastily knockouts and keep enemies unsure of your next move.

Overall, Scarlet’s stats are very good except for her mobility. That's why to be successful with her, players must commit to her combos and stick through each trade. This is due to her lack of mobility, which makes fleeing fights difficult; if you decide to flee, opponents will have free reign to land a combo. Nonetheless, Scarlet is one of the best characters for in-tight combat and can be a great stepping stone for players looking to improve their current skill level.

5. Koji

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Koji is a samurai that is fittingly equipped with a Sword and Bow for his weapons. As a result, the legend features great speed and agility, allowing him to deliver quick bursts of damage to enemies. You can set up great entries with his Bow to get in close with your Sword, or use it to keep the distance between yourself and foes that need to get in tight to engage.

Koji's stats are primarily focused on his agility due to his low damage. That is why many people overlook this legend at first glance but don't be fooled; his attack speed allows him to land more hits in quick succession than most other Legends, evidently why he's one of the best characters.

4. Sentinal

With his Hammer of Justice and Katars, Sentinal will invoke fear into any legend you're up against. With him, you can quickly engage enemies and retreat before taking damage thanks to his incredible attack versatility and speed. Furthermore, Sentinel is one of the best characters due to his insanely high defensive stats, which allow him to take a few more hits than other Legends. As a result, Sentinal makes a name for himself because of his lightning-fast speed and solid defense.

3. Thor

Thor, the god of thunder, is one of the best characters in Brawlhalla, which should come as no surprise. This is due to his extremely high strength and dexterity stats, combined with his excellent movement and defense. As a result, he is an all-around powerhouse.

Thor’s mighty hammer, known as Mjolnir, is great for battering enemies and pulling them back in to land a couple more hits to set up a knockout. Due to his overall stature, Thor is one of the best characters in Brawlhalla that players of all skill levels can find confidence in playing.

2. Mako

Mako has one of the best stat lines in the game, combining exceptional strength and dexterity with good movement. She features a Greatsword and Katars for her weapons which make her a threat to any legend in the arena. As a result, knockouts are common when facing this agile Legend, who is a fan favorite for many.

Further reasoning to why Mako is one of the best characters is because she is simple to control while also being extremely effective. Brawlhalla can be intimidating to new players, but Mako does an excellent job of teaching them the intricacies of the game's steep learning curve. Mako is hands down one of the best characters in the game, with the best stats, easy combos, and powerful weapons.

1. Magyar

At number one we have Magyar. Some of the other best characters have higher damage, agility, or movement but none of the other best characters mimics this tank's ability to absorb copious amounts of damage and still be left standing. Some may also argue that the other characters have better combos. While this may be true, few other Legends can pack the heaviest combos and receive them without being staggered. When playing this juggernaut, new players will be able to stay in the fight longer and learn more combos, while experienced players will easily be able to clean house.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other characters in Brawlhalla you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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