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5 Best Indie Games on Steam Deck (May 2023)



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Indie games allow players to experience things that they might not receive from AAA offerings. The power of the Steam Deck will enable players to play their favorite titles from Steam wherever they go. This is great and adds to the utility of the console itself. So if you, like us, enjoy indie games and want to know which ones to pick up for the Steam Deck. Please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Indie Games on Steam Deck (May 2023).

5. Tunic

We begin by starting off our list of the best indie games on Steam Deck with Tunic. Tunic is an action-adventure game reminiscent of the older The Legend of Zelda titles. Within the game, players will be able to delve deep into a world of dungeons and monsters. Along the way, players are encouraged to explore throughout the game in order to find their own mysteries throughout the game's world. The art style for the game is incredibly charming and is sure to be pleasing to the eye for tons of players.

However, if you are someone who enjoys a challenge, then this is a great title to play. While the soft aesthetics of the game might fool some players, the game's difficulty speaks for itself. Players will be able to discover several powers along their journey in order to aid them. This is great and reminiscent of the game design of older games, so if you are someone who wishes for games to harken back to a simpler time. Then definitely check out Tunic, one of the best indie games available on Steam Deck.

4. Valheim

Next on our list of the best indie games for Steam Deck, we have Valheim. Now Valheim is an interesting case, as the survival action-adventure game burst onto the scene and garnered a ton of attention. While the amount of hype surrounding the game has died down, the addition of new content has breathed a breath of fresh air into this title. In Valheim, players will be able to explore Norse-inspired realms and thwart many enemies from that mythology. This includes things such as trolls and imps and such, which gives the game excellent enemy variety.

Additionally, each of the game's regions has its own bosses to defeat. These bosses require the player to use specific mechanics and have a pretty knowledgeable understanding of the game to defeat. Another significant aspect of the game is the building mechanics. This allows players to craft great halls in which to store sites, or trophies from their hunts, and much more. So if you haven't already, definitely check out Valheim for the Steam Deck, as it is a beautiful experience for players all around.

3. Little Witch in the Woods

For our next entry on our list of the best indie games on Steam Deck, we have Little Witch in the Woods. Now while this game may have flown under a few players' radars, this game is phenomenal. Players will be cast in the role of Ellie. A witch-to-be who must undergo training in order to learn more about the magical arts: along the way, players will encounter lush landscapes that have been beautifully rendered in a pixel-art style and much more.

There are a number of options to choose from in regard to how to spend your time as well. If you like, you can spend your time crafting and gathering in the game. This is great for immersion and players who enjoy that sort of thing in games. Players will be able to enjoy the downtime within the game as well due to the fact that they can fish and engage with the townsfolk along their journey as well. All in all, this makes Little Witch in the Woods one of the best and most charming indie games available on Steam Deck, so if you haven't, definitely check it out.

2. No Man's Sky5 Best Sci-fi Games on PSVR

Our next entry is one that many fans of indie gaming may have already heard of. While initially, No Man's Sky had a bit of a rough time regarding promises made by the developers. It now has a thriving community. At first, the game was touted as having several features that it would not get until much later. This led to a feeling of distrust amongst the player base. Since then, however, the developers at HelloGames have done a fantastic job of rectifying mistakes. And have made creating the best experience possible for their players a priority.

Now, players are able to enjoy various features that were promised at launch, such as multiplayer, trading, and many other elements of the game. Players are able to create their own housing structures, which is great for immersion. Additionally, the combat in the game feels a lot better as well. This is a game that encourages player exploration greatly, as there are always new worlds to explore. So if you enjoy exploration in games, definitely check out No Man's Sky, as it is one of the best indie games on Steam Deck.

1. Stardew Valley

For the last entry on our list of the best indie games on Steam Deck, we have Stardew Valley. For players who enjoy the farming/life sim genre, this game is an absolute must-have. Players have quickly whisked away from their busy corporate life and traded it in for the simple farming life. Along the way, they will be able to engage with the townsfolk of Stardew Valley, as well as engage in a number of activities. This is great for gameplay variety and makes it so the player has a ton of creative freedom.

Players will be able to plant crops, delve deep into the mines, and much more. This means that no matter your experience with these types of games, there is always plenty to d. In addition, the game allows for cooperative multiplayer, meaning you can bring a friend along for the journey. This is simply wonderful and adds another element of coziness to this already heartwarming game. So, to close, Stardew Valley is one of the best indie games available on Steam Deck, and if you haven't checked it out already, definitely do so.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on Steam Deck (May 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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