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10 Best Deck-Building Games on PC (2024)



Deck-building PC game with strategic card-based combat mechanics

Deck-building games have transformed card-based strategy, letting players build and refine their own decks as they play. This dynamic genre combines strategic planning with the excitement of discovering new cards and abilities. With the rise of digital gaming, deck-builders shine on PC, offering complex mechanics, stunning visuals, and seamless multiplayer. And to help you dive into this exciting genre, we have curated a list of the ten best deck-building games available on PC as of 2024.

10. Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

First up, Moonstone Island is a fun creature-collecting life simulation game set in a big open world with 100 islands to explore. You start by moving to an island in the sky to complete your alchemy training. Here, you brew potions, collect different spirits, and start a new life. The game lets you explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and challenging biomes. As you explore Moonstone Island, you become part of the community by making friends with the villagers. You can go on dates, fall in love, and even get married. You can also build and customize your home on any of the islands, with over 200 pieces of furniture to choose from.

9. Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Launch Gameplay Trailer (Official)

Magic: The Gathering Arena brings the legendary trading card game to the digital world. Here, you can explore different fantasy worlds, meet powerful planeswalkers, and battle friends from all over. Starting is easy and free—you can jump right in, unlock new cards, and find your own winning strategy. The game’s tutorial helps new players understand the basics and figure out their playstyle, whether it’s overpowering opponents with strength or outsmarting them with clever tactics. It offers many ways to play. You can participate in casual matches, competitive tournaments, or special events that offer rewards.

8. Library of Ruina

Library of Ruina Launch Trailer

Library of Ruina immerses players into the role of a library owner, where the main objective is to amass a collection of books by receiving guests and transforming them into these precious tomes. Set in a dark, mysterious city, the library serves as a battleground where the fates of guests and librarians are intertwined. With each defeated guest turning into a book, the library's collection grows, unveiling deeper secrets and inviting even more intriguing guests. The game's atmosphere is further enriched by its unique setting. Then, the process of inviting guests to the library is central to the game's progression. Each guest carries unique secrets and stories, which are revealed through the books they become upon defeat.

7. Monster Train

Monster Train Release Trailer

Monster Train is a deck-building roguelike game that takes place on a train traveling through the nine circles of Hell. Players must defend the last burning pyre from the forces of Heaven by building a deck of powerful cards and strategically placing units across the train's various levels. The game's unique setting and mechanics create a thrilling and challenging experience. This game features a blend of offensive and defensive tactics, as players must balance attacking enemy units and protecting their pyre from damage.

6. Across the Obelisk

Across The Obelisk Release Trailer - Paradox Arc

Up next is Across the Obelisk, a co-op roguelite deckbuilder where every choice matters. You can play alone or with up to three friends, crafting powerful decks to save the kingdom of Senenthia. Each decision you make shapes your journey, which adds the depth and replayability to the game. In this game, you must plan your strategy as you face random events. The game offers over 500 cards, 300 items, and 16 heroes across four classes. Additionally, you can control your party of four heroes by yourself or team up with friends in a 2-4 player online co-op mode, making teamwork essential.

5. Inscryption

Inscryption - Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Inscryption is a dark and atmospheric deck-building game that combines elements of roguelike and escape-room puzzles. Players find themselves trapped in a cabin, forced to play a twisted card game by a mysterious figure. The game blends strategic deck-building with a haunting narrative. The gameplay in Inscryption involves building a deck of cards that represent various creatures, spells, and abilities. Players must use these cards to battle their opponent and progress through the game. And in addition to the card battles, Inscryption features escape-room style puzzles that players must solve to advance the story.

4. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire - Official Launch Trailer

Slay the Spire is a critically acclaimed deck-building roguelike game that has become a favorite among fans of the genre. Players choose from one of several unique characters, each with their own set of cards and abilities, and embark on a journey to ascend a procedurally generated spire. In Slay the Spire, players must carefully build their decks by selecting cards and relics that complement their chosen character's strengths and weaknesses. Each card represents a different attack, defense, or special ability, and players must use these cards to battle enemies and overcome obstacles.

3. Loop Hero

Loop Hero - Animated Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Loop Hero places players in a world trapped in a time loop by an evil Lich. As the hero, players use a deck of mystical cards to shape each expedition. These cards let players place enemies, buildings, and terrain along a looping path. Each journey is unique because the loop is randomly generated every time. So, players must think strategically about where to place their cards. Placing enemy cards can lead to better loot, but also more danger. Building cards provide support and resources, while terrain cards can help or hinder the hero’s progress. And balancing these elements is key to surviving each loop and making progress.

2. Balatro

Balatro - Official Launch Trailer

Balatro is a poker-inspired roguelike deck-builder that merges the strategic depth of poker with the dynamic elements of a roguelike. The core gameplay revolves around forming powerful poker hands by combining regular cards with unique Joker cards. These Jokers introduce a variety of abilities, creating endless possibilities for synergies and combos. Each decision, whether it’s a card pick-up, discard, or the use of a Joker, can dramatically change the course of your run. It challenges players to earn chips by creating valid poker hands, which are then used to overcome progressively tougher blinds.

1. Dune: Imperium

Dune: Imperium Digital game trailer

In Dune: Imperium, players assume the role of leaders of the Great Houses of the Imperium, navigating the treacherous landscapes of Arrakis. The game seamlessly combines deck-building and worker placement, offering a rich and strategic experience. The gameplay is structured around ten rounds, with each round introducing a new conflict that players must navigate to gain critical resources or Victory Points. The key to success lies in choosing your battles wisely and not spreading your forces too thin.

So, do you agree with our picks? Which deck-building game is your favorite? And have we missed any great deck-building PC games? Let us know on our socials here!

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