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5 Best Games Like Crackdown



Crackdown is a beloved franchise with many sandbox elements within its games. However, with the last outing in the franchise, Crackdown 3, underperforming, many players have sought alternatives. These are games that usually have a ton of destruction and open-world elements. These elements give the player an inherent sense of freedom while playing the game. So if you, like many others out there, are looking for a similar experience to Crackdown. We have you covered with our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Crackdown.

5. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

We begin today by starting off our list of the best games, like Crackdown, by highlighting Just Cause 3. Simply put, the creative freedom that players are allowed through this game is amazing. Everything from the grapple system, and the ability to tether things together to great effect, is wonderful. Added to this are the exploration effects, which are top-notch and still stand out as impressive to this day.

The open and replayable nature of the game is also one of its strongest points. The sense of player agency throughout the game is palpable at every single point throughout the game. And while its storyline leaves a bit to be desired, that is hardly the point of this title. Players will be able to play through the game again and again and never necessarily have the same experience. That being said, if players simply want to explore the world and blow things up to their heart's content, then this game allows for that wonderfully. So if you are looking for an action-adventure title to play, much in the same vein as Crackdown, definitely check out Just Cause 3.

4. Prototype 2

Moving on to our next entry, we have a game that definitely deserved more love than it received. The freedom allowed to the player through the use of the powers within Prototype 2 is impressive. Players will be able to use transforming tendrils in order to achieve a number of things within the game. For example, players are able to use them to manipulate the environment around them greatly. There is also an improved sense of customization compared to the first Prototype game. This is great as it really opens the player up to more possibilities than before.

There are a number of distinct zones to explore within the game, which adds to its variety as well. This is great as oftentimes, when games take a vision of New York into a game. Unfortunately, it can sometimes fall flat. However, Prototype 2 does a fantastic job of adapting to this. So if you are looking for an open-world sandbox title with plenty of action and adventure, make sure you check out Prototype 2, as it is one of the best games like Crackdown currently available.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

For those who are quite a bit more nostalgic for fantastic open-world action gameplay, we have Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This is a title that has such as long-lasting legacy it remains exceedingly popular to this day. Players love to explore the sun-drenched Vice City, a Scarface-inspired version of Miami presented in this game that remains as fun to explore today. Unfortunately, while there was an attempt to remaster this s world, for many series fans, that version fell flat. This is truly a shame, as Vice City is one of the most memorable game worlds in history.

However, if players have access to the classic version of this classic game, then hours of fun await them. Players will be able to engage with the game's memorable gameplay and stellar soundtrack as they move throughout an 80s-soaked adventure. If you haven't checked it out before, now is definitely the time to do so, as games within the action-adventure genre that offer tons of sandbox freedom are few and far between. It is for these reasons we consider Grand Theft Auto: Vice City one of the best games like Crackdown you can play today.

2. Destroy All Humans!

Next on our list of games like Crackdown, players need to play. We have Destroy All Humans! This game received a faithful remake, which makes it the definitive way of experiencing this title. This means that the player will be able to go throughout the game with the game's classic comedy but with improved graphical fidelity and gameplay. One aspect of the game that's greatly improved is the controls. They were remapped in order to make them more intuitive to a modern audience.

This game is one that is fantastically replayable due to its destruction model. Players can move throughout the game's world, destroying everything in their way with Furon technology. Along the way, there are quite a few bits of humor aimed at 1950s America. These bits of dialogue often come as a  bit of comedic relief throughout an already hilarious game. Additionally, players will be able to use psychokinesis and other powers to their advantage and general whimsy. This makes Destroy All Humans! one of the most fun games like Crackdown you can play today.

1. Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered

For our final entry on our list of games like Crackdown, we have Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered. This is a wonderful remaster of the cult classic Red Faction Guerilla game. In that game, players are able to take part in some of the most freeing and satisfying sandbox gameplay elements present in a game. Players can blow us a number of things, which each have their own physics systems in how they react, which makes for a great moment-moment experience. If you haven't tried it, you definitely should.

While most players might not have gotten the chance to enjoy the original version, this remaster is wonderful. It allows the game to take advantage of modern tech in order to make this game stand out wonderfully. So if you are looking for an action-adventure title that focuses more on the action elements, as well as physics and a wonderful sandbox approach to design, make sure you check out Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered, as it is leagues ahead of other titles in terms of the freedom it offers.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Crackdown? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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