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5 Best Arcade Games of 2023

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5 Best Arcade Games of 2023

Arcade games have fascinated players for decades with their swift action, vibrant graphics, and compelling gameplay. Technological advancements have transitioned the arcade experience to PCs and consoles, allowing players to enjoy various thrilling games. Without further ado, let us check out some of the coolest arcade games. Here are our picks for the best arcade games in 2023. 

5. Warhammer 40000 : Boltgun

Warhammer 40000 : Boltgun

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is a first-person shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Released on May 23, 2023, the game offers a fascinating single-player experience. Players assume the role of a Space Marine engaged in battle against Chaos Space Marines and Chaos daemons. 

The game offers a rich library of character designs. The gameplay showcases a blend of classic, frenetic FPS elements with stylish visuals, just like the 90's retro shooters. The game features a space marine with a devastating arsenal. Players can unleash destruction through sprites, pixels, and blood in a glorious boomer shooter style. Additionally, the game features high mobility, intense gunplay, and buckets of blood to reward player skills. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun aims to deliver a fascinating combat experience.

The game features an authentic soundtrack, blending sludgy guitars, industrial beats, and monastic chants to enhance the combat experience. Additionally, it also features seamless integration of gameplay and narrative elements. Overall, the game promises to perfectly match classic Warhammer 40,000 with first-person shooters' fast-paced, modern gameplay.

4. Crab Champions

Crab Champions

Crab Champions is a third-person shooter adventure game created by an Irish music producer and developer, Eoin O'Broin, also known as Noisestorm. He got the idea from his famous song, “Crab Rave. ” The song was a hit and became a big internet trend with dancing crabs. 

In Crab Champions, you play as a crab armed with weapons, fighting against other crabs, creatures, and powerful crab bosses. After each level, you can choose upgrades to make your crab stronger. The game is for solo players and those who want to play with friends. Similarly, we hope for the addition of online multiplayer features later.

You can customize your crab with different skins earned by completing in-game challenges for free.

Recent updates added new features like melee weapons, minigames, side sliding, new enemies, new island layouts, and more music. Critical features of Crab Champions include short, intense sessions (20-40 minutes) where you aim to survive as long as possible. Additionally, players can experience smooth movement and combat, good visuals, and an original soundtrack. Notably, there are no in-game purchases; playing can unlock everything. Crab Champions promises a fun and thrilling gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

3. Lunark


Lunark is a pixel-art, modern, 2D cinematic platformer sci-fi adventure that immerses players in a rebellion against a totalitarian regime. The game features simple slide scrolling and minimal move sets. Lunark will keep you on your seat if you love fascinating twists and turns.

The game kicks off by immediately throwing you into a rich sci-fi story and setting. As Leo, the protagonist, gamers navigate through stunning locations, utilizing a range of actions. The game's world boasts diverse environments, from high-tech industrial areas to the lush forests of planet Albaryne.

Players can learn about the immersive world by talking to NPCs. Conversely, you can check out the area investigating basic bits of the narrative. Similarly, Lunark features simple gameplay where Leo can jump, run, hang, and shoot. Additionally, he can interact with unique objects, environments, and people around him. Combat is not the focus of this game, but if you do, Leo can utilize a pistol to take out enemies. However, it's more complicated than it sounds; the weapon shields quickly deplete, and your gun must be recharged. Therefore, players need critical thinking before taking action. 

The fall damage in this game is utterly lethal. Even the smallest drop can result in your death. Similarly, the pixel graphics in the game give Lunark a timeless 90s retro feel. The game features a compelling story and art design. Lunark will take you back to your childhood pixel gaming days.

2. Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is a kart racing game that you can play for free. In Disney Speedstorm, you race karts with characters from Disney and Pixar movies. This includes characters from Mickey and Friends, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters, Toy Story, and Beauty and the Beast. The game has various modes, both for playing alone and with friends. For online gamers, it allows you to race against others online.

The game has different types of races with unique challenges. For example, in “classic” races, you aim to finish first. In “Single Skill,” everyone uses the same power-up. Additionally, Floating Objects have items floating above the ground that you need to jump to get. On the other hand, Fog Challenge covers the track in dense fog, making it harder to see. The last one standing eliminates the last racer after a particular time.

The races happen in settings inspired by Disney and Pixar movies. From Pirates of the Caribbean's Kraken Port to The Jungle Book's Jungle Ruins. You can customize your racer's suit, kart, wheels, and wings to fit your style. The game constantly adds new content, like characters, tracks, and customization options. The goal is to keep the game fresh and exciting for players. 

1. Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

The seventh main installment of the well-known fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6, came out in 2023 from Capcom. The game embraces cross-platform play across three engaging game modes. Fighting Ground features local and online versus battles, featuring the series' iconic 2D fighting gameplay. This mode aims to deliver the classic Street Fighter experience while allowing competitive matches across different platforms.

The World Tour mode takes a unique approach by immersing players in a customizable avatar's journey through 3D environments. This mode offers a more personalized experience. Conversely, the single-player story mode is diverse, featuring locations like Final Fight's Metro City and the fictional South Asian nation of Nayshall. This narrative-driven experience adds depth to the game, providing players with various settings to explore.

Battle Hub serves as a centralized arena for players to participate in ranked or casual matches, enhancing the competitive aspect of Street Fighter 6. This mode caters to players seeking different levels of intensity in their matches. Additionally, the game provides live commentary during matches. This feature adds excitement to gameplay and offers clear explanations, making it easier for players to improve their in-game performance. This feature adds a tournament-style ambience, allowing players the option to be cheered on. 

So, what's your take on our picks for the best arcade games of 2023? What are some of your favorite arcade games? Let us know on our socials here.

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