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ALZARA: Radiant Echoes — Everything We Know



Traveling through a vibrant city in ALZARA: Radiant Echoes

ALZARA: Radiant Echoes is a new JRPG made by a brand new studio. The game has a unique combat system that puts a spin on elemental turn-based gameplay. The story is said to be mature, and you will follow the story of four heroes on a journey to help restore balance to their world. Below we go over everything we know about ALZARA: Radiant Echoes.

What is ALZARA: Radiant Echoes?

ALZARA: Radiant Echoes is a new JRPG that was funded through Kickstarter. The game takes inspiration from Final Fantasy X and Golden Sun. The game has help from composer Motoi Sakuraba and art designer Yoshiro Ambe. This is an expansive game with a turn-based battle system that players can really sink their teeth into. The setting is inspired by Mediterranean regions and has monsters inspired by real-world myths from the area. The game is early in development and is currently set to be released sometime in 2026.


The game is set in the world of Azara, where magic has disappeared. Taqism is being invaded by the country of Vedores due to a lack of resources. Kayla, one of the main characters you can play, is the heir to Taqism.  She is forced to fight back for her country and ultimately becomes the leader of the resistance. Before long, she finds herself in talk with the Zals. Zals are elemental beings that are connected to the origin of magic. To bring peace back to her land, Kayla must work with the Zals to restore balance to the world. There are three different factions in the game, each that appears to have great influence over the story's direction.

Despite how the story may present itself, there are multiple heroes to control. You can play as one of the four heroes instead of Kayla, each with their own distinct background story. The story does seem to converge as all four heroes team up to help take on the looming threat at hand. The game is voice-acted during cutscenes and in battle to help flesh out the story. Alzara is still in some of the earlier stages of development, so it's not likely that the whole story is completely hashed out yet.


The game has turn-based gameplay with several systems in play. For starters, each character is linked to an element, and this will determine their abilities in battle. The main focus is the Swap System, which allows you to arrange your party members once in battle. Characters placed in front will fight, while the ones in the back will take a supportive role. While the front is dishing out Echoe, the back must work to replenish it to keep the combat going. The system also allows you to combine elements to get new six additional elements. 

You will need to determine the weaknesses of the enemies that you are going up against. Each element specializes in a different battle style. Fire, for example, is the offensive element, while water is supportive. The devs mention that while weakness is a good way to go, it's not always what necessarily will win the battle. There is also a summon system where you call upon Legends to enter the battlefield and unleash massive amounts of damage. You will need to gain favors before you can make a choice to unleash a Legend. These are activated using offerings that will decrease your stats, making the use of Legends a strategy-based choice. Be sure to keep an eye on the game's turn order to make sure you know what actions to take next.

Outside of battle, the game has a top-down style with tons of puzzles. The dungeons will heavily rely on solving these puzzles to progress. There is a large exploration aspect to the game as well, which is credited to being inspired by Chrono Cross. It's not yet known what type of side content will be in this game, but based on its inspiration, there may at least be some side quests to delve into as you explore.


ALZARA Radiant Echoes | Reveal trailer

The trailer shows us, the player, not only a beautifully crafted world with a wide array of colors and textures used. In addition to this, it also showcases the game's puzzle mechanics. After this, we are introduced to many of the game's characters. Here, learn a bit more about the game world itself. We also see combat and enemy designs in the trailer, giving us a sneak peek at the aesthetic style and gameplay employed here. The trailer closes with some poignant words and features the game's main characters on a static background for the remainder of the time. All in all, the animations for the game's combat, as well as the trailer's presentation, have us excited for what's to come. 


Little is known about the development team as they are a new studio called Studio Camelia. Two famous names are attached to the project: Motoi Sakuraba, who did the music for Tales of The Golden Sun and Dark Souls, and Yoshiro Ambe, who designed the acclaimed Genshin Impact and Trials of Mana. With such wonderful talent present on the team, we are excited to see how much further this title progresses in the future. If their past works are any indication, then fans of JRPGs, or RPGs as a whole, are in for a treat. 

Release Date, Consoles, and Editions

Alzara Radiant Chronicles only has the base game announced and up on Steam. The Kickstarter did state that console ports may be in the future, but there's currently no confirmation. Additionally, it doesn't seem that any of the Kickstarter rewards are currently available for purchase. This includes the exclusive physical edition of the game.

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