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5 Most Toxic Relationships in Gaming History, Ranked

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Most Toxic Relationships in Gaming History

Meeting new people and sharing pieces of ourselves with others is an important aspect of life. We can't help but coexist with one another, whether as lovers or as friends. As a result, gaming has structured storylines around the building of authentic relationships. This allows gamers to connect with the characters they're playing as and stay engaged with the games release after release. 

However, nurturing relationships isn't always easy. Characters occasionally fall into arguments, betray one another, or are simply polar opposites who don't seem to get along. Nonetheless, they stay together and continue to draw out the worst in one another, resulting in some of the most toxic relationships in gaming history. If you're wondering which gaming relationships are the most toxic, these five most toxic relationships in gaming history, ranked, are a fantastic place to start. Check out the article below!


5. Red and a Big sword – Transistor

To kick us off is Transistor’s absurd message of loving someone enough to die for them. Transistor tells the story of a girl and her sword, but the sword is unlike any other weapon. It has a personality and a voice! It begins with Red pulling the Transistor, a sword capable of absorbing a person's data, from a man's body. She then fights off enemies with the Transistor, eventually absorbing her partner into the sword during an ambush. As a result, his personality and voice took over, and he began communicating with Red via the sword. 

This is the beginning of the end for her as they embark on daring exploits to bring down the Process and put the Camerata to justice. When they defeat Royce, the only remaining member of the Camerata, Red returns to Cloudbank, where she originally found the Transistor sword. With her partner gone and only speaking to her through the sword, she stabs herself with the Transistor to go live with him, literally prepared to die for love!


4. Octodad and Scarlet – Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Is a relationship based on lying truly genuine? What happens when the lie is exposed? There's a fine line between inflicting heartthrobs of pain and the apparent strain of keeping the lie as hidden as possible.

Octodad and Scarlet seemingly have it going for them. They're blissfully married and live in a delusionary world. However, Octodad is disguised as a human and struggles to conceal his true identity (despite the fact that he clearly looks like an octopus). Scarlet, on the other hand, appears to believe Octodad is a loving, human father. Of course, there's the question of whether their human children are indeed Octodad's or whether the game implies Scarlet cheated on him. 

If ever Scarlet finds out Octodad is an actual octopus and wants to cast him back to sea, or Octodad ever finds out the children are not his, everything will fall apart. Ultimately, the game is built on deceit and fatherhood that we can’t help but wonder when, if ever, Scarlet or Octodad will tell the truth? 


3. Simon Forman and Avis Allen – Astrologaster

Most Toxic Relationships in Gaming History

Simon Forman is an Astrology “doctor” who develops a strong attachment to his patient, Avis Allen. His job is to predict the future by reading the stars, and can find lost pets or cure the sick. He does, however, have a habit of sleeping with his patients. So, when Avis comes to the doctor/astrologist for help in healing her husband's impotence, she ends up falling for the doctor. Her visits become intimate encounters that frequently culminate in a steamy, adventurous sex-post-consulting scene.

Avis Allen is a married, catholic lady who begins to fake reasons for her frequent visits to the doctor. Simon Forman, on the other hand, is an unlicensed medical professional who is depending on glowing recommendations from his patients to get his medical license from the University of California, Berkeley. In the end, as thrilling as their relationship is becoming, it is a fruitless romance that can only end badly for both of them.


2. Bigby Wolf and Snow White – The Wolf Among Us

Most Toxic Relationships in Gaming History

Snow White and Bigby Wolf’s relationship, though steamy, retells the infamous ‘girl falls for a monster showing vulnerability’ tale. Their conversations put you on edge, mostly because of how completely different the two personas are. 

Bigby Wolf, often known as the Big Bad Wolf, was formerly a predator that tormented pigs and young girls in red hoods. But, since meeting Snow White, he's decided to suppress his monstrous desires and win her over.

On the other hand, Snow White, a pure symbol of kindness and decency, falls in love with Bigby Wolf and bears him seven children. In the end, they live happily ever after. Still, that's the type of thing that happens in fiction but would be toxic if it were to ever take place in real life.


1. Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat 

Most Toxic Relationships in Gaming History


Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade's relationship from Mortal Kombat is at the top of our list of the five most toxic relationships in gaming history. The pair thrives on violence and passion – the two core ingredients for a toxic relationship. Given, the fighting game franchise reigns for its brutal, lethal scenes. Even so, having a married couple with a kid, Cassie Cage, decapitate one another? It's just not a cool thing to do.

Johnny first flirts with Sonya, who is irritated by him and attacks him. Later, she was on the verge of being killed by Kano when Johnny Cage swooped in to save her. As a result, her initial resentment evolves into an intimate attraction to him. Although their daughter Cassie Cage draws them together – fighting as a team – the series' violent nature and their enjoyment of decapitating one another is simply an outlandish combination for a married couple with a child.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five most toxic relationships in gaming history, ranked? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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