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5 Best Rayman Games of All Time, Ranked

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Rayman Game: Mosters fight

Created in 1995 by Ubisoft, Rayman games have grown to be one of the most well-known platform video games of today. Currently, there are 45 versions of the game available across multiple platforms. The series takes players through a magical world, sometimes made entirely of stationery like in the “Eraser Plains”. Its main brand is platforming, where characters move from one point to another on a two-dimensional view. This is famously termed as side-scrolling. Its main protagonist is called Rayman, who is a determined magical creature with floating limbs which he can throw at his adversaries in combat.

Rayman games are noted for their stunning visuals and challenging gameplay. Often, it can be difficult to determine which ones were near-perfect. Especially if you enjoy playing some of the old-time classics that have become popular over the years. Furthermore, several of the franchise's latest releases have been confined to mobile platforms, indicating a lack of originality. However, there is no disputing that some of the earlier versions were outstanding in terms of animation and storytelling. In this article, we will look at the best five Rayman games of all time.


5. Rayman (1995)

PS1 Rayman 1995 (100%) - No Commentary

This is the original Rayman game, and it ranks among the top Rayman games of all time. To begin with, it was the original title that debuted the game's fun aesthetics to the gaming world. While the game's technological components are weak in comparison to later editions, the vibrant colors and visuals still leap off of the screen. It also introduces Six worlds throughout the game, each with its own concept that seems distinct from the others. If you enjoy reminiscing about classic platformers from the 1990s, this is a game worth checking out.

The game employs a significant amount of gameplay in terms of mechanics. While it may appear that anyone who is familiar with the game may breeze through the stages, some of the skills used in the game were unrivaled at the time. Rayman 1995 includes Gliding skills and upgradeable fists that may detach from the protagonists. Rayman's gameplay was improved in subsequent iterations, taking it to new heights. The first edition, on the other hand, had a strong start that we think deserves to a place among the greatest.


4. Rayman Origins (2011) 

Rayman: Origins (PS3, Xbox 360) - Trailer

Ubisoft's comeback to the Rayman franchise was symbolized by Rayman Origins. After nearly a decade, the company launched this game, which was a return to the beginnings of the original Rayman game. The end-result was stunning, with four characters to play at the same time. With the original side-scrolling on a platform, this game had a clean and attractive aesthetic that expanded on its predecessor.

The UbiArt Framework, a Ubisoft trademark product, was first used in the development of this game. Because of this base, the game's creators were able to construct different interactive settings. We applaud the game's bold combination of two difficult market points, an old two-dimensional graphic design, and modern gameplay. While the game had slower acclaim from fans than critics, Rayman Origins featured superior design and playability to its predecessors.


3. Rayman Fiesta Run (2013)

Rayman Fiesta Run -- Launch Trailer

Most mobile video games wound up disappointing its players. However, Rayman Fiesta Run may very well be worth the data spent downloading it. Reviews rank this as one of the worthwhile mobile games, with Rayman’s gameplay migrating seamlessly into a mobile version. The movements are quite sleek and fans of Rayman will easily transition into its design levels. The main perks of this game is its accessibility to everyone, deliciously attractive colors and its extensive musical tones.

It also offers five new worlds of festivities, serving you with hot pepper disco balls and party favors to go around. It’s not all fun and games though, as players must defeat all four new adversaries to accomplish the game’s goal of reaching the Livid Dead Island. Additionally, characters are now able to run, swim, instantly shrink or throw a powerful ‘Super Punch’. You can also play the game natively on Windows 8 and 10 devices. With 75 stages to complete and a couple of bonus levels, Fiesta Run is a game worth playing.


2. Rayman Legends (2013)

Rayman Legends - Launch Trailer

As a sequel to Rayman Origins, this Rayman Legends is one of the greatest in the series. It builds on Origins' two-dimensional side-scrolling premise by adding high-quality level designs. The visuals are improved and more crisps than most other editions. Here, players are thrown into a mysterious tent with captivating paintings. Each painting in the series tells the story of a mythical world, that sucks players for the adventure begins. With more than 100 stages, players will it challenges players to a world of enticing fun. From the exquisite environments, to the robust gameplays and extremely difficult bonus levels, this game is a goldmine full of extensive content.

Rayman Legends also feature a collasal collection of beautiful music that soothes during gameplay. The music selection for this edition is just perfection. Whatsmore, this edition allows upto 4 players to play together. So, you can have your buddies hop in and play a game or two with you; Who doesn't a multi-player game? All said, Rayman Legends offer of pure entertainment, makes it a great contenter of our best Rayman games of all time.

1. Rayman 2: The Great Escape (1999)

Rayman 2: The Great Escape - Trailer (1999)

Finally, we have the second edition to the Rayman franchise that received great acclaim. In Rayman 2: The Great Escape, the game takes a turn from the normal two-dimensional platformers theme. No longer did players have to use side-scrolling to play. They also navigated the game levels in three-dimensional platforms. 

Given the games' release year, some designs were quite linear with paths that led to harder to find collectibles. However, it still incorporated a good mix of puzzles, adversaries, and platforming to rank as the best game in the franchise. A twist to the unreachable paths in levels was that players had to unlock new moves. This also introduced the progressive nature of the game. Ultimately, players saved the world from Robo-Pirates once they acquired collectibles and grew stronger with each level.


Do you agree with our top five Rayman games of all time? Let us know in our socials here or the comments below.

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