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5 Best Kirby Games of All Time, Ranked

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It’s been close to thirty years since Kirby was first launched. While your first impression of Kirby Games may be a game made for younger players, its long-running history as one of Nintendo's games may prove otherwise. In the beginning, Kirby was launched as a non-serious trial on platforming with characters made out of yarn. Now, the franchise has developed into an action-platform three-dimensional video game that players of all ages can enjoy. 

Though sticking to its origins in side-scrolling, it’s hard to get enough of this young, pink hero whose aura and special abilities reel you right in. Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty successful games and others not so much. Here we will discuss the five best five Kirby games of all time, ranked. Read on.


5. Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Throwing it back to the original idea to create a game inspired by yarn, Kirby's Epic Yarn is one to remember. From the characters to the visuals of the game, each set was made of yarn. The idea seemed far-fetched at first, but once the game was released, fans could not get enough of it.

There is just something about navigating a world made completely out of yarn. It’s the inspiration for Kirby’s abilities, and what has made the franchise stand out from its peers. Kirby's signature move of inhaling enemies to conquer them sure is something to hold dear. Since the character is made from yarn, it gives the hero enough fluidity to transform into anything.

Furthermore, the gameplay and combat styles of the game were well crafted. You could also choose to play by yourself or with someone else in multiplayer mode. Combining a textured world and a responsive mechanic to boot, made it possible for Epic Yarn to remain one of the best Kirby games to date.


4. Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

There is a very fine line between flawless simplicity that is executed perfectly and demands praise, and well, being too simple to have players lose interest in the game. Triple Deluxe is not one to play as it takes on the simplistic and familiar approach to creating an edition that players would come to appreciate. 

You will enjoy a new layer of depth to the three-dimensional aesthetic of the game. Aside from the 3D aspect, the usual Kirby franchise features are back. From platforming to taking the powers of your enemies, Triple Deluxe makes sure to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and fun-to-play game.

The only thing to note is the game does not push you to master your skills in boss fights, or any level really. But as we said before, there is a fine line between achieving simplistic perfection and releasing a plain boring game. Nevertheless, fans of Kirby know to not expect complex gameplay, rather, a stress-free time to unwind and swallow some bad guys. Because Triple Deluxe doesn’t necessarily come off as disappointing, save for the need to challenge yourself, we think the fourth vest game in the series is worth the game’s rank, overall.


3. Kirby's Return to Dream Land 

Kirby's Return to Dream Land 

Arguably the epitome of Kirby's true authenticity, Return to Dream Land brings back all the qualities Kirby games are most known for.  In Return to Dream Land, you can, once again, inhale your enemies. You can wield a sword and strike them down if you please. And also team up with four friends in the same room and stack on top of each other to victoriously defeat Whispy Woods.

The graphics are extremely textured and help bring out Dream Land in its best form. In this edition, you will get the rainbowy glittering gem of Kirby games. The adventure of its gameplay is mouthwatering, with creativity that keeps you engaged through Kirby's dreamland. Return to Dream Land definitely deserves a reputable mention for its return to polished and enhanced gameplay look to the franchise.


2. Kirby: Planet Robobot 

Kirby: Planet Robobot 

One of Kirby's trademark moves is transforming into literally anything and in Planet Robobot, you’ll see your tiny pink ball hero transform into a mech-robot. We always appreciate the wide variety of ideas in Kirby games that keeps the franchise fresh and most exciting. For this edition, Kirby must save the world from some powerful robots in a perfectly designed world. The signature rainbow visuals and colorful graphics do exist. However, the idea to incorporate a mecha-suit to enhance Kirby's powers and enable saving Planet Popstar from destruction. It gets more exciting when Kirby can scan enemies and take their powers, amplifying the mecha suit’s functionality even further. 

Planet Robobot is an incredibly satisfying game to play and ranks highly in the best Kirby games of all time.


1. Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra

The top-most Kirby game was rather hard to pick. However, we finally settled on Kirby Super Star Ultra for various reasons. There is just no denying the level of quality, attention to detail, and level of depth in the game’s content. Nintendo actually went on to remake the game to be at par with modern gameplay techniques. Though even without the remake, you’re sure to get Kirby's classic fan-favorite moves and lore settings. 

As an updated version of Kirby Super Star, Super Star Ultra is sure to give you an elevated experience. It includes all the seven “sub-games” and two mini-games of its predecessor and adds several new ones. If not for the bonus content, the fascinating graphics and enhanced gameplay are sure to give newcomers and old ones a worthwhile experience. 

And there you go, the five best Kirby games of all time, ranked. With all the games in the series, it’s inevitable that we’ll share different opinions on which games were the top five.

This listing is not definitive by any means! So, feel free to let us know what your all-time Kirby game is in the comments below. You can also talk to us on our socials here.

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