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5 Best Far Cry Games, Ranked

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With Far Cry 6 making its rounds with a slated 2021 launch, we thought we'd venture back to the other main instalments from the series. Why? Because we think a little nostalgia will remind us why we adore the Ubisoft child, to begin with. Plus, here's hoping a little journey back through the greats will soften us up for what's to come later this year. After all, we're expecting some pretty big things from the triple-A developer, and Far Cry 6 is simply one of the many ambitious projects on the agenda. But enough of that — let's talk history.

Ever since 2004, Ubisoft has been working tirelessly in order to branch out its award-winning platform. By sticking to a captivating formula as well as experimenting with various role-playing components, Far Cry has gone on to achieve a worthy status within the first-person shooter genre. And now, pushing forward to 2021, we're facing a new addition to the world — with yet another overlord to dethrone. All we can do is sit patiently while Ubisoft dot the i's and cross the t's. In the meantime, however, we thought we'd rank the five previous main games from worst to best. But would you agree?

5. Far Cry 2

Far cry 2 Trailer Official HD

While not exactly reinventing the wheel, Far Cry 2 did bode well with critics for its murky but marvelous African setting. Of course, there was a whole lot more to the second instalment than a genuinely beautiful backdrop. There was, in fact, a lot that Far Cry 2 brought to the table after the global success of the debut title. Putting it mainly down to the realism that the second chapter portrayed, Far Cry 2 adapted rather well to a risque theme by implementing all the right elements. And, kudos to Ubisoft for approaching realism in an enjoyable yet educational way.

Far Cry 2 shoved us into the boots of an unnamed hero that, despite playing as for hours on end, we never really unmasked. Characteristics were bare, and a lot of cinematics felt rather wooden in a plot that should've been oozing with potential. Even still, the lore behind the African region sucked us in, and the sadistic but streetwise enemy proved to be a worthy rival from beginning to end. It's just that, well — it wasn't the most enjoyable in terms of sandbox gameplay. And, don't even get us started on the malaria malarkey.

4. Far Cry

Far Cry Classic Launch Trailer

Even without the legacy and the foundations of which Far Cry established after the first game — the initial chapter was still a massive turning point in gaming history. Everything about the tropical open-world spoke absolute volumes in the first-person shooter realm, and gamers still very much consider it to be one of the greatest of its time. Why? Because Far Cry essentially set the bar when showcasing diverse landscapes and fascinating enemy designs. Oh, and the concept wasn't exactly dull, either.

Although our hero idled without any real backstory to boast, we still enjoyed filling the boots and pressing on through the mutant-riddled islands of Micronesia. If not for the intrigue behind the story, then for the delightful design embedded within the countless regions of the map. Exploring a chain of forests, canyons and beaches had never been more joyous before the launch of Far Cry 2, and it did create a cluster of fascinating gameplay. However, the lack of character development and loose story components did make the game lose a few points. Nonetheless, Far Cry 2 is still a worthy entry to any list, and we'd still recommend it even today. Yes — even in 2021.

3. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 – Story Trailer

The 2018 chapter that took us to Hope County was definitely a worthy contender to the series — but not quite the frontrunner of the bunch. Admittedly, scouring the fluorescent lands of Hope County did make up for fantastic gameplay. It's just that, regardless of the jaw-dropping art design — the characters didn't quite make par compared to previous instalments. That being said, Joseph Seed and the religious cult did prove to be an engaging enemy with plenty of charisma and lore.

Set in the Montana-inspired Hope County, in Far Cry 5 you are faced with bringing down Eden's Gate, an unpredictable religious cult that has overpowered the lands. As the brainwashed Seed family maintain a firm grip on various branches of the region, you must join the resistance in order to reclaim the pieces of Hope County by any means necessary. That, of course, means having to weaken Eden's Gate by disrupting the airwaves, liberating outposts and demoralizing the enemy. You know, the usual Far Cry malarkey. It worked with past instalments — and it definitely worked with this one. Just be ready for the grind if you want to stand a chance against Seed.

2. Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Reveal Trailer

Like a Himalayan Handsome Jack clone, King Min brought an essence of likeability through tongue-in-cheek one-liners and a loveable, yet massively unpredictable nature. And, as for our hero, Ajay Ghale, well — he definitely wasn't the worst, nor was he the most memorable frontman, either. In fact, it was the naivety that seemed to shine through to most gamers for the duration of Far Cry 4 —  what with his typical hero monkey see, monkey do attitude. And, while that may seem rather common for a first-person shooter game — it did make up for some rather wooden cinematics.

In light of this, Far Cry 4 essentially had one of the most fascinating backdrops to any in the series to date. Being tucked away deep within the Himalayas, Kyrat homed a truly picturesque mountainscape that fleshed-out with intriguing villages, ancient ruins and crooked mines. Of course, being a Far Cry game — Kyrat was a perfect location that never once felt too threatening to uphold against the enemy forces. Bell towers, fortresses and outposts were fair in number, and the overall story never once strayed away into wearisome tasks and repetitive chores. Oh, and the campaign was a pure delight, too. But, you know — we'll leave that to the trailer.

1. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3: The Story trailer [UK]

Far Cry 3 brought this incredibly tense aura that just seemed to grapple us by the spinal cords from the second we hit start. Something about the captivating lore of the opposing pirate clan just made up for a riveting rival that we couldn't wait to dethrone. Every word, every motion, and every decision made would always keep us on the edges of our seats. And, to be fair — that was just one of the many reasons why we adored the third entry.

Far Cry 3 drops us in the shoes of traveller Jason Brody, along with a group of friends who's trip results in capture by a group of pirates. However, after managing to successfully escape the prison camp, Jason is tasked with locating his friends and overthrowing the kingpins to the Rook Island underworld. But, as per the Far Cry rules, there are plenty of obstacles along the way that need removing before pressing further inland and dethroning the figureheads. Just be sure to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and you should make it home. Maybe.

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