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5 Best Base Locations in Grounded

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Grounded's Backyard is a place full of adventure, mystery, and bugs that are out to eat you. So, if you're tired of shacking up in the Field Station or a grass hut, it might be a good time to consider setting up a base. But before you go ahead and start construction, you should think about where you're going to build your base because some locations can put you in a dodgy position. And you can rely on the five best base locations in this list, to set you and your miniature team up for success.

Each of these base locations stands out because they offer a variety of benefits that will pay off in the long run. Some are ideal for resources, while others have food and water sources nearby. Furthermore, when it comes time to upgrade your home base to a fortress, these locations are ideal for renovations. Whatever the case may be, you'll find one of these base locations will provide you with an ample setup. Want to know why that is and which one is the best for you? Read on to find out.


5. Picnic Table

The Picnic Table is one of your best bets for staying high up and out of harm's way. There are bees that visit the picnic table, but as long as you don't build directly next to the honey, including the seat closest to it, you shouldn't be bothered by any of them. With that in mind, position your base on the seat closest to the sandbox or directly beneath the picnic table. This isn't just to avoid the bees; it will also set you up to build a larger base in the surrounding area. You can even build a floor between the two seats beneath the picnic table so you're elevated and still out of harm's way.

In general, there are lots of ways to build a successful and long-running base at the picnic table. The constant supply of food and water from juice boxes and leftover food on plates is one of the Picnic table's best features. One disadvantage of the picnic table is that it is located on the furthest left-hand side of the map. This can make some journeys into long road trips with a lot of territories to cover. And with that comes the possibility of encountering more enemies along the way. But once you arrive home, you'll know you're safe and sound.



4. The Porch

Just before the sandbox, you'll come across the House Porch. Alternatively, just walk past the end of the hedge along the back of the house and it'll be right there. The porch is a very flat surface to work with, which makes this one of the best base locations in Grounded. There is also a rake resting on top of a rock, leading to the porch, which makes an excellent first entrance to your base. You can then build a path to the porch from the rock to expand your base out into a huge fortress on the porch that pretty much overlooks the entire backyard.

However, if you want to be more secluded, it also works to build a base underneath the porch. Which you can conveniently do by working off of the pillars that are holding up the porch underneath. This way you'll also have a roof to protect you from the bees that circle the area for the paint left out on the porch. The only drawback to this location is that, while there are plenty of supplies nearby, you'll have to go out of your way to get food and water because there is none nearby.



3. The Koi Pond

Base Locations

There are numerous reasons to construct near the Koi Pond in Grounded. Mainly because there are so many resources, food, and water available around this location. You can dive below for the water fleas and tadpoles for a constant source of food. Many players make the mistake of building on the rocks surrounding the pond. This is still a viable option, but you are more vulnerable to land-based enemies. Unfortunately, there are many different types around the pond.

That's why building on the lily pads is a better option because no ground enemies will follow you there. With the exception of wolf spiders, which can jump onto the Lily Pads. You'll also want to beware of Trudy the Koi Fish in the water, who will one-shot you. Players might be opposed to this because there aren't a lot of areas to expand out from the lily pads. However, you can make walkways to distant lily pads, and eventually later on in the game you'll unlock buoyant foundations to build on top of the water.



2. Start Zone – Mystery Machine

Base Locations

The Mysterious Machine is one of the first places you are sent in Grounded. As a result, it's a fan favorite for an early to mid game base build. It's a great central location for your first base because it's close to sap, clovers, sprigs, plant fibres, and pretty much all the resources you'll need in the early game. To go along with that, it's right next to the juice box, which is handy for getting Juice Drops for thirst.

There is a rock right next to the machine that is perfect for raising your base off the ground. Just make sure the entrance to your base, such as the path or stairs, is connected to the machine and not the ground. This will make it harder for insects to get to your base. If your stairs lead directly to the surface level, expect Red Worker Ants to be knocking at your door. Which is the only enemy you need to be concerned about at this location. Although you may come across some Wolf Spiders that roam the area on occasion.



1. The Oak Tree

Base Locations

The oak tree is most players' preferred base location in Grounded. However, due to the high level of activity in the area, and on the tree, we do not recommend setting up shop here in the early game. This location is best suited for mid to late-game players who have the weapons and armor to easily deal with the various enemies on the tree and in the area. However, you will eventually want to build your base on the oak tree due to its many benefits.

The first is that the Oak Tree is the map's focal point. This put's you in a great position for wherever you have to venture off to.  You're also close to BURG.L, so you can easily get quests and turn in your chips. This area will also have the most resources for you, and if they aren't directly nearby, they aren't far away. There are numerous water cans and juice boxes available. You're also right next to the water, which you can farm for the same reason as the pond: tadpoles and water fleas. However, the best part is that you can build infinitely high on an oak tree, making for a safe elevated base, with a great view.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other base locations in Grounded that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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