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Tower of Fantasy: Everything We Know

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Tower of Fantasy is a popular MMORPG that pulls a lot of inspiration from other MMOs or RPG titles. These include titles such as Genshin Impact. This can be seen not only in the game's presentation and stylistic choices. But also in its gameplay and overall design. Players are able to explore a sprawling open world with friends in this incredibly stylized game. This emphasis on the community surrounding the game, as well as the game's vast array of characters, has made this game stand out. In addition, the combat animations have a sense of polish, making combat really rewarding. Added to this are fantastic animations for the character's movesets. And also, a gacha system greatly rewards players with weapons. This is quite different from most gacha systems, which are primarily built on pulling for characters rather than weapons. So without further ado, enjoy Tower of Fantasy: Everything We Know.

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a popular MMORPG that will soon be released for the PlayStation 5. This game features stylized characters and environments that are all very grounded within the art style depicted for the game. Characters have a certain sleek sheen to them, with makes them stand out from other character designs on the market. However, a lot of work has also been placed into the lore of each individual character. And that isn't to say players will have to delve into the game in order to learn more, as this information is readily accessible for the player to peruse.

This is great, as it allows for the player to indulge in as much or as little lore as they wish. This makes it an excellent title for casual players who simply want a fun game to play. But also satisfies those players thirsty for more lore and character interactions. This is a delicate balance to strike, and yet Tower of Fantasy manages to do so. The game, developed by Hotta Studio, invites players to explore and lore more about its world rather organically. This is accomplished through quests as well as the game's overall story. To close, Tower of Fantasy is a game that hopes to offer a unique experience for those players who want the breadth and scale of an MMORPG, with the intimate character driven-narratives of a single-player RPG.


Starting off with the story components of Tower of Fantasy, it would be great, to begin with how it tells its story. The main story of the game is typically delivered to the player through massive cutscenes, which all feature great animation and voice acting. This allows the game; lore to be digestible in a way that makes for a great overall player experience. The great thing about Tower of Fantasy is that all of its story content is available to the player for free. This removes any idea of a paywall with story content behind it, which is really consumer-friendly.

At its core, the game is set in a far future, which has allowed technology to become more advanced on the planet of Aida. Due to the potency of this technology, there have been great battles for resources within this world. The primary energy source that is so sought-after in the world is called Omnium, and many opposing factions want it. That is where the player character comes in, as they must explore the world and do their best to fight the contamination of this planet. This immediately serves as a call to action for the player and is a primary driving force for their exploration.

This serves as a great starting point for the player. As they slowly get to see the world around them shaped by their actions. This can be seen in how the player interacts with various NPCs but is also reflected in the world around them. The story overall deals with the themes of technology and its overall impact on the lives of others. This makes it a narrative that is easy to understand and also rather thought-provoking for players.


The gameplay for Tower of Fantasy is where the game truly shines. The combat animations are all top-notch and give their own individual flair to various characters within the game. This allows the player to be immersed in the moment-to-moment gameplay and makes it feel rewarding to participate. In addition, the combat varies from hack-and-slash to more ranged options. This gives the gameplay quite a bit of variety, especially when you consider the plethora of playable characters in the game.

This is great and serves as a solid foundation for the game, even for newer players. The game exists within a shared world that allows players to help one another out on their journey. This is where the massively multiplayer elements of the game come into play. The game places heavy emphasis on the weapon types within the game and their different functionalities. This means that there are more offensive, defensive, as well as supportive weapons that players can learn to master. This is great for the sense of gameplay variety and will definitely keep the player busy for quite some time. Overall, the gameplay for Tower of Fantasy appears to be extremely solid, whether played on PC or mapped to controllers.


While the development of Tower of Fantasy for PlayStation 5 is currently ongoing, the game is available on PC. This allows players who wish to get a sneak peek of what will be made available console to check out the game in its entirety. So it will be interesting to see how certain systems are implemented with controllers in mind. All in all, the development of the console port for Tower of Fantasy appears to be going along smoothly.


Within the trailer for Tower of Fantasy, which was released during the PlayStation Showcase 2023, we can see quite a few things. For one, the game's stunning visuals and animations are on full display during the trailer, and the cyber aesthetic is made abundantly clear. Additionally, the game takes its time in showing off the frankly gorgeous underwater areas within the game. This is great for those players who wish to explore awesome aquatic areas. To close, this trailer does a great job of giving the player a taste of what Tower of Fantasy has to offer.


Release Date, Editions, Platforms

While there are no solid dates available for Tower of Fantasy on consoles, we can expect them to be released sometime during summer 2023. This means players still have a bit of time in order to prepare for the game's release. Regarding editions, the game seems just to be launching with a standard edition across its platforms. Speaking of platforms, it appears that the game will be made available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to begin with.

So, what's your take on Tower of Fantasy: Everything We Know? Are you excited to learn more about this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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