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Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Accuracy in Multiplayer Games



If there's one thing you'll learn from playing first-person shooter (FPS) games, it's that your aim will either be your saving grace or pending doom. Some days you can be shooting the lights out, and others, well let's just blame it on the lag. Regardless FPS games are always more enjoyed when you're not the one being sent back to the lobby. This is why we've put up a list of tips and tricks to help you improve your accuracy, whether you're using a mouse and keyboard or a controller.


Tips & Tricks for Mouse and Keyboard

Whether you're looking to have accuracy like Esports pros, or just want to be the best amongst your friends, Aim Labs is the game that will get you there. Designed specifically to improve mouse and keyboard accuracy, it has over 12,000 different game modes to help you hone your skills. Not to mention that it's free of cost.

  • Aim with your Elbow, not your Wrist

Have you ever wondered why you always see pro gamers and streamers use massive mouse pads? The answer is that by aiming with your elbow, rather than your wrist, you utilize more of your mouse pad. Effectively, providing a much larger area to control your aim. By just using your wrist, you have a smaller range of motion in a tighter area, meaning your margin to make error is determined by much finer mouse movement. By adding more area, you're essentially making less room for error to miss your mark and hit your shot.


Tips & Tricks for Controller

  • Thumb Grips

Most of the time, poor accuracy on a controller isn't a result of your FPS skills, but a lack of grip or control over the joysticks. Sometimes all it takes is getting a pair of Thumb Grips which will give you better grip and control of your joystick.

  • Recoil Control

More so than not, what will throw off your accuracy the most, is a weapon's recoil. That's why learning a gun's spray pattern comes in handy for making the most out of your magazine. You can learn spray patterns by simply firing a whole mag of your gun, while aiming down sight (ADS), but not touching the joystick. You will be able to see the bullet spread on a wall and therefore learn how to adjust your aim, to counter its recoil.


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