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How to Level Up Quickly in Grand Theft Auto Online



Leveling up in Grand Theft Auto Online isn't reminiscent of your bog-standard MMORPG. In fact, doing so involves a lot less monotonous grinding, and a lot more mischievous side hustling. Because let's face it, if you aren't prepared to break the law in Los Santos—then you're as good as dead in the water. And when it comes to carving your name in the foundations of San Andreas—reputation is everything.

Fortunately, leveling up becomes second nature after a short while. With it, of course, comes power, better loadouts, and more lavish perks. But how do you reach such a stage without having to resort to holding up gas stations for petty cash? Well, here's how we see it.

Leveling Up

  • The Diamond Casino & Resort Wheel

If you think luck is on your side, then be sure to swing by The Diamond Casino & Resort, where you can spin the wheel and net yourself lofty amounts of RP. With it refreshing daily, it becomes more of an essential stop on your journey, rather than a one-and-done sort of deal. And on a good day, you can swindle upwards of 15,000RP.

  • Start an Organisation

Playing with friends, or even like-minded people that just want to turn a profit and accrue hefty amounts of RP, can put you on the right track to success in Grand Theft Auto Online. After making enough money to buy an office, simply head out on missions as a collective, and you'll earn your usual cut plus extras, just for having an outfit by your side. Simple.

  • Collect Cargo

After cruising past level 12, you will have access to the cargo drops, which happen to take place all over San Andreas. Snag the drop and bust open the crate, and it could land you with upwards of 5,000RP.

  • Just Race

Racing is the bread and butter of the online world. It's quick, it's easy, and pretty much anyone can take part. And although winning should always be seen as the primary goal—simply showing up to cross the finish line can provide you with a helping of RP on its own.

  • Survival Modes

If you're looking to chew through a few waves of mobs and bag some RP along the way, then be sure to spend some time with the survival modes Grand Theft Auto Online hoards. Each kill can net you with a few hundred RP, and surviving a full ten rounds can drop a well-rounded $50k in your bank account. A real win-win, for sure.


So, what tips would you suggest? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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