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5 Things We Want in The Sims 5



The Sims is a game franchise that harbored a lot of love from its community. It is partially due to this that the games have retained so much relevance even in the modern market with such great games as The Sims 4. So it can be asked of the developers how they intended to follow up on such great games. There are many different things that the community wants. So that being said, here are 5 Things We Want in The Sims 5.

5. Improvements in the Aging System

Players of The Sims will be quite familiar with the aging mechanics in the game. However, for those who don't know, this is a mechanic that allows you to age up your Sims. This is done in order to see them grow. Players have been wanting an improvement to the aging system. As currently, the system isn't as fleshed out as players want it to be for quite some time. While the game does allow for aging at certain stages, more depth would definitely be appreciated.

Added to a list of potential changes is the community's outcry for a better feeling transition between ages. After all, aging should feel smooth and not like a simple slide or toggle. It can be plainly seen why this is a feature that many fans want the developers to implement as well. With so much of the game's progression being tied up in the aging system, it would be a fantastic addition to have the developers take another look at this for The Sims 5. All in all, improvements on aging would be a great start as they work their way toward The Sims 5.

4. Drivable Cars

The Sims 4 free to play

While drivable cars have been a thing in past Sims games. This is an aspect of the game that is notably missing from The Sims 4, with many fans noting its absence. This adds a certain level of immersion and authenticity to the Sim's lives, as part of working a job is the commute there. This might seem like an inconsequential detail to some, but to others, it is quite a hindrance to immersive gameplay. It wouldn't be a difficult feature to implement either, as it has been done in past titles as well.

So, in short, this would allow the game developers to do a lot of the heavy lifting regarding vehicles. An aspect that, up to this point, has been handled by the modding community. Being able to drive your Sims around certainly sounds like a fun time and could add another element to the game. While it may appear to be a small issue, it is a solvable one. The developers could do a fantastic job of implementing cars into the new Sims 5. This will allow them much freedom when it comes to car designs and behaviors throughout the world of The Sims.

3. More Player Choice

Improving the amount of player choice in the game would be a fantastic start to The Sims 5. Players have always wished for their perfect game, in which they could control every aspect of their in-game avatar's life. Allowing the player to be more of a part of this process would definitely make the game more popular among the community. Players could then be able to improve the quality of their Sim's life through new methods and gameplay mechanics.

Player choice is at the heart of what makes the game series so memorable. Players can decide many different decisions for their avatars currently, but this is a system that could definitely be improved. After all, many different mods exist that improve upon the framework already, so it would be hoped that the game that follows up The Sims 4 will feature some of these features. So, in conclusion, players who want more player choice are not without their reasons. It is for these reasons that we think that more player choice would be a fantastic addition to The Sims 5.

2. A More Sprawling World

Having a world that is more open would be a fantastic start to The Sims 5. Players would be able to explore this world, absent of loading screens, which would add a lot to the player's overall immersion in the game. While the series has always had a rather deep character system, it has been hard in the past to connect it to the world of The Sims. A stronger sense of atmosphere within the world will go a long way. Being able to feel like these are lived-in spaces would be great. Players will be able to enjoy the world for what it is worth and the hard work the developers put into the world itself.

This new open world could look a lot of different ways. No matter what decision the developers went with, it would be hoped that they would have an open mind about the openness of the game. The game's world is immensely important to the player base, and it would be fantastic to see that reflected in the new game. So in closing, a more sprawling open world would improve  The Sims experience as a whole and give the players more to do.

1. Improvement in Community Relations

One aspect of The Sims 5 that could be greatly improved compared to other titles. Is, without a doubt, the developer's willingness to interact with the community. This would, overall, do wonders for the game's public image, as well as the content going into the game. The developers could see what type of wonderful mods the community is making for their game. Perhaps even elaborate on them. This would be a fantastic start to kick off The Sims 5.

Being that the community is such a huge part of what makes The Sims great. It would be wonderful to see more engagement with the community in the game. For example, perhaps you will have certain game nights where you can invite popular streamers and the like to play your game. This would form a symbiotic relationship between the two parties and ultimately be great for the player. To close, improving community relations is a small but vastly important step as we move closer to The Sims 5 release.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Things We Want in The Sims 5? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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