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The Sims 4: 5 Eye-Popping Builds That You Need to See



It’s been twenty years since EA handed over the reins to The Sims and its ever-evolving features. Twenty years, and we’re still witnessing some truly outstanding builds being conjured up from all over the globe. Because let’s face it, creativity definitely isn’t in short supply with the number of creators that flock to the city building simulator series. Though, when you don’t exactly need a degree in architecture to build a bustling social hub — how could we possibly disagree?

The Sims 4 has presented a whole spool of opportunities over its seven-year stint — many of them being funnelled through the nine expansion packs that effectively flesh out the game with more things to boot. Overall, the EA smash-hit has hoarded enough material to keep players constructing for years and beyond. As of 2021, however, we think these five builds are probably the most noteworthy of the bunch. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.


5. The Shire

Don’t let the roads fool you — it’s definitely Hobbiton. And yes, that is Bilbo’s home. Are you ready for the tour? It’s Tolkien time!

Gather round, Tolkien fans — we’ve got something to show you. Mind you, from gawping at the picture alone, it’d be difficult to misinterpret the likes of Hobbiton from The Lord of the Rings. But then, seeing as land restraints bogged down the full potential, portraying The Shire in its entirety was, as a result, reduced to a bitesize portion of it. Even still, from what this one user built from the tools provided — it’s definitely a worthy credit to behold.

Consisting of several bedrooms in an entire underground complex, this compressed Hobbiton boasts all the LotR lore and trinkets that you’d expect to find from Tolkien’s beloved anthology. It’s wondrously picturesque, it’s incredibly inviting, and it’s an overall pleasure to absorb.


Download Bilbo’s Hobbit Village here.


4. Trencville Cressent

Ever wanted to live on a steamboat? Well, now’s your chance. With extras, of course.

Тренквил Крессент (which translates to Trencville Cressent) is a steamboat-inspired home that boasts three bedrooms and four bathrooms, all of which spread between multiple layers. Cost-wise, this player was able to erect this floating mansion with a little under 200k, and therefore, it’s unlikely ‘motherlode’ was even put into effect to make this one come to fruition. I mean, even if it was, we can’t pretend that a home of this grandeur isn’t worth upwards of a few million in reality.

Download Trencville Cressent here.


3. Flying Dream Home

A retirement home fit for a wizard. Or cooky pensioner. Or, well — anyone. Anyone at all.

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that floating homes aren’t exactly an easy thing to construct in The Sims 4. In fact, only seasoned players will understand what it takes to build such a complex residence and how time-consuming it can be. Of course, this user had no time to spare when it came to establishing the iconic floating dream home. Although having a rather tiny interior that can only home a single Sim — it’s essentially the exterior of the property that players buy into without thinking twice.

Whether the flying dream home is for a wizard-in-training or just a cooky old pensioner with a hunger for all things wacky — this beautiful place is a true marvel in the fantasy world that caters to all Simfolk. And, it’s somewhere that we’d happily fork out a quarter-million Simoleons for, too. And then some.


Download Flying Dream Home here.


2. Tinkerbell Fairy Cottage

The sprinkle of magic every Sim needs, of course. Tinkberll fan or not — who can deny such beauty? Just look at it!

If you’re looking for something that packs enchanting lights and glistening color palettes by the truckload (or motherlode, so to speak) — then you’re going to want to hop on a bus and head to Tinkerbell’s. Of course, you can expect to get lost in the labyrinth of hedge mazes and flower arrangements along the way, but apart from that, you definitely won’t need a map to navigate this quirky cottage.

This three-bedroom home boasts marvellous waterfall displays, stunning garden walks and enough magical aura to satisfy any aspiring fairy fanatic. Oh, and the whole cottage was created from the base game alone, which means no additional expansions were used to create Tinkerbells’ spectacular vision. Now that’s an impressive build. Tinkerbell fan or not — we’d definitely recommend slotting this one into your town.


Download Tinkerbell Fairy Cottage here.


1. The Bazaar

Looking to burn some Simoleons? Well, now’s your chance. It’s time to hit the stores.

Speaking of impressive builds, this retail lot is definitely something we can’t simply ignore. And what’s more, the 300k complex was also built from the ground up without a single cheat code to aid its construction. Amazingly, that’s slightly less than Tinkerbell’s eye-popping 350k cottage — and quadruple the size, too. Talk about dedication.

As far as shopping malls go, The Bazaar is definitely on the wackier side of the scale. And that’s why we love it. Not only is it filled with twists and turns on every level — but it also floats on a bed of water and apple-green reeds. It’s wondrously unique and a fascinating entry to the retail catalogue, and overall, somewhere we’d happily spend hours slumping through with a wallet burning in our pockets.


Download The Bazaar here.



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