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Silent Hill Creator Teases Concept Art For New Horror Project

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Silent Hill and Siren Blood Curse creator Keiichiro Toyama is back at the helm for a brand new horror game — and it is looking just as disturbingly beautiful as the previous iconic works. Though, when spun from the same web as Silent Hill, we can't really expect anything less from the twisted mind and talented visionary. And yet, despite the long-standing relationship with the Silent Hill roster, it seems as if the creator still has the knack for drawing up fresh-faced characters and unsettling environments.

Taking a heavy dose of inspiration from Japanese death game comics, Toyama mentions in a promotional video that the project will draw influences from the graphic material. He also talks about the manga-inspired genre and how it bodes well with his approach to horror gaming.

“I often read comics as a form of entertainment,” Toyama explained. “Recently, you see a trend for ‘death game' type of content. These works tend to add entertainment to somewhat brutal worlds, so I naturally took that approach. The view I have of horror is the everyday life being shaken. Rather than just showing scary things, it should question our position and make us challenge the fact that we're living peacefully.”

Portrait: Keiichiro Toyama, Creative Director


Toyama continued…

“I'm coming back to my roots, for example towards horror,” Toyama added. “However, rather than something deeply rooted into horror, I want to keep an entertainment note. While keeping elements from horror, I want players to feel exhilarated when playing the game.”

While Toyama drives the ambition to a whole other level, the unnamed game wouldn't be in motion without the newly-established Bokeh Game Studio manning the front. Although only opening to the public eye in December 2020, the Japanese developer has launched their career with some truly outstanding reveals for their working title.

Running alongside the promotional video was ten fresh captures of the concept art for the upcoming game. Again, we can clearly see where some of the creature designs root from — but we're not complaining. We are, however, thrilled to be able to catch just a minor glimpse of this intriguing horror project.

We'll be keeping an eye out for any further news regarding the launch date. If all goes as planned, we're potentially looking at a 2023 slate. But we'll let you know as and when the time comes.


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