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SerialWorld: Everything We Know

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What Is SerialWorld?Battling zombies in upcoming game SerialWorld

For players who are looking to delve into the world of SerialWorld, there are many aspects of the game to look forward to. For players who are fans of old-school RPG design, there are many systems and in-jokes that make a wonderful appearance. The game also focuses on mechanical depth, making the gameplay feel rewarding. This does a marvelous job of creating a great balance with the overall comedic tone of the game. The game features characters that not only are in and of themselves but also references to common RPG tropes but are fantastic characters in their own right.

Also, one of the game's core systems that is sure to excite the player is its Anima Evolution system. This rewards the player throughout their battles, which is sure to create enthralling moments for the player to enjoy. So, as we continue on, we will break down the game into more of its key elements and components. With that being said, here is SerialWorld: Everything We Know


One element of SerialWorld that will assuredly stand out among RPG fans is the game's story. This story takes inspiration from many of the classics of the RPG genre and adapts it in a way that feels self-referential & new. The game begins in a fantasy world that features creatures known as Anima. These Anima can evolve through their connection to humans. It is this connection that is at the core of the game's story as you make your way through its events. Players take on the role of Milo, who seeks to learn not only more about the world of Anima but also the mysteries therein. Each of the characters & creatures that the player meets all become a part of your journey, which is a marvelous aspect of the game as well.

The fantasy elements for the game are no doubt going to play heavily into this game. The themes of the game appear to not only show a love and appreciation for RPGs and JRPGs, but also storytelling in general. This makes the world of game appear to be as intriguing as the game's gameplay systems.

In addition to this, players will find themselves solving many of these mysteries themselves. This gives the game's world a sense of tangibility that is palpable throughout. Players will find themselves up against fierce opponents in a stylized world that feels alive with fantasy.  All in all, the story of SerialWorld appears to take many of the familiar tropes of the RPG and JRPG genres and offer its own spin on it. We look forward to learning more about the game's story as development progresses.


GameplayCollecting cards in upcoming game SerialWorld.

For the next section, we will be covering what, for many players, will be the most important aspect of SerialWorld: the gameplay. As alluded to above, the card-battler and creature-capture nature of SerialWorld makes for a wonderful combination. The players can expect to delve into cavernous dungeons, leading the player to great rewards, as well as fantastic combat. The animations for each of the creature's attacks all appear to be very fluid and retain a sense of cartoonish flair to them as well.

In battle, players are able to summon up to three Anima in order to fight alongside them. Each of these Anima interact with each other in many interesting ways. In addition to this, the player can buff these effects with cards in the game. Each of the characters and bosses that players meet throughout the game does a fantastic job of retaining their own mechanics & identity as well. This makes each aspect of progressing through the game feel rewarding in and of itself.

The turn-based nature of the combat also makes for an intuitive design, allowing the player to find their own synergies with different Anima and abilities. The game also manages to have a great balance of difficulty and reward. Players are rewarded for paying in-depth attention to the various mechanics the game has and punishes those who don't think through their actions. This difficulty is one of the aspects of the game that has many players excited. All around, the gameplay of SerialWorld appears to be one of the game's strongest aspects, and we cannot wait to see how the gameplay of this title progresses throughout its development.


As of writing this article, the development of the game is well underway, with the developers at SerialProject targeting a 2025 release. The game has been shown much love by its community, as well as its developers. The developers have posted the progress of players throughout the game, which is always great to see. The game was recently showcased at Tokyo Sandbox 2024. Here, the developers allowed for players to give their feedback on the game. This means that having the game in a playable state is an excellent sign for moving forward with the game's development.


SerialWorld First PV

The trailer for SerialWorld has been released on Steam. In the trailer, players can see quite a few of the game's elements all at work. Also, we see players interacting with the game's vibrant world and a cast of characters. In addition to this, we see the game's battle system, boss systems, and dungeon design. Each of these elements gets its individual moments to shine throughout the trailer as well. Altogether, the trailer for SerialWorld has us excited. With its in-depth mechanics and distinct visual style, this game should be quite intriguing. The trailer shows us just a bit of what is to come.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

As far as a release date for the game, we do not currently know of one. The Steam page for the game lists a tentative 2025 release, but no other specifics are known. So far, the only platforms announced for the game is Steam. For players looking forward to the game, we will be updating this article as further information is known.

So, what are your thoughts on SerialWorld: Everything We Know? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know on our socials here.

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