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Our Team: 5 Video Game Characters We’d Definitely Assemble



There's no denying the fact that millions of us all have all stopped to admire a video game every once in a while. Or at least the hero of the journey, anyway. Whether it be a genetically enhanced humanoid or a team commander by trade — somewhere along the line, we've all pictured ourselves tailing alongside them as they pledge to wage war against their enemies. And that's pretty normal, right? Video games are supposed to bring certain things to life, and, if we happen to go along with it — then the developer has done their job remarkably well.

Okay, so superpowers and iron suits aside, there is still a whole roster of characters that we'd gladly recruit into our reality. Of course, if given the choice, we'd happily accept the Avengers into our bubble. But then, if we had to narrow it down to the every day Joe types with one or two professions to boot, then it'd have to be these following five. Whether it be for a face to face confrontation or a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks — these are the select few that we'd proudly have among our ranks.


5. Max Payne

Don't let the whiskey habits fool you.

Besides being an unpredictable vigilante with a rather shady past, Max Payne and his whiskey habits actually mould into a genuinely likeable persona. As an ex-cop for the NYPD, as well as a special agent for the DEA, Payne hones enough knowledge and skill to fully quench the thirst for power. Sure, he moans a lot and has a rugged opinion on almost anything he dares look at. But beneath the cloak of anger and ill-will, Payne himself makes a valuable ally that almost any tearaway vigilante would be honored to team up with.

Over an incredibly rough journey, May Payne suffered from tragic losses, as well as countless obstacles that wouldn't dare let up even if they were pebble-sized. All in all, it's fair to say that the man went through some serious stuff, to the point of spiralling down a crooked rabbit hole with very little room for escape. Even still, if we were to step into a gunfight and had only a few numbers stashed away in our phonebooks — then we'd probably give the guy a call.


4. Nathan Drake

Because who wouldn't want Nathan Drake?

I don't know about you, but if I were to fork out a million dollars on a deep-sea expedition in search of a lost ancient world and its forbidden riches — then I'd probably want Nathan Drake piloting the ship. Not only is the guy a walking encyclopedia when it comes to history and broken languages, but he's also incredibly skilled in a gunfight, too. Plus, as someone who's pretty much shrugged off countless bullet wounds and train explosions — it's safe to say that Drake is a natural lucky charm by nature. And hey, he's a genuinely nice guy — as far as grave robbers go, that is.

Over the course of a decade, we've watched Drake and his band of talented misfits unearth some truly magnificent secrets. From the sacred gates of Shambhala to the ruins of El Dorado — every journey has helped mould a truly outstanding hero that we're wildly accepting of. And it's because of this, that we'd have him on our roster should we ever sink into the arts of archaeology. Unfortunately, however, Nolan North is about as close as we'll ever get to him being on the team. Sad times.


3. Sam Fisher

Of course, there's always room for a member of the special ops.

Because who wouldn't want an elite member of the special ops in their ranks, right? Sam Fisher, although practically god-like when it comes to covert missions and almost invisible to the naked eye, is probably one of the only people you'd need on your side. That is if you planned on infiltrating a top-secret underground lab or something. But if not, then even still — he'd probably be a good asset to have on your roster. If only for emergencies.

As the frontrunner of the Splinter Cell series, Fisher has unearthed and exposed more corruption than you could probably shake a stick at. His methods of execution can be a little unorthodox, sure — but overall he's a powerful figure with a whole lifetime of knowledge engraved into his core. Incredibly serious? Yes. Never does anything by halves? Of course not. Trustworthy during a game-changing event? Most definitely.


2. Max Rockatansky

There's far more to a good driver than reckless swerving and ramped up hydraulics.

Every solid team needs a good wheelman, right? Well, as much as we pondered over the thought of dialling Vin Diesel into the mix from the shambles of a Fast & Furious game — we definitely preferred for Mad Max himself to take the wheel. I mean, escaping a pursuit is all well and good and everything, but actually nutting up and taking the enemy for a spin, on the other hand, is something no other than the rebellious wheelman could handle.

As well as being a decent driver with a boatload of knowledge on anything with wheels, Max is highly trained in hand to hand combat and firearms. Of course, when next to the likes of Sam Fisher and Max Payne — Rockatansky's marksmanship looks no greater than a rookie mercenary. And yet, with both driving and combat skills combined, Max tallies up to be a pretty valuable asset to the makebelieve team. Because like I said — every solid team needs a good wheelman, and Max is definitely our boy for the job.


1. Lara Croft

We'd happily frontline Lara Croft for our many exploits without thinking twice.

What's better than one archaeologist? Well, that's pretty easy, right? Two, of course. Lara Croft, despite being somewhat overshadowed by Nathan Drake, is the perfect puzzle piece that slots effortlessly into our rather ambitious frame. Although shaping up to be an original female clone of Drake, Croft and her many exploits have become so celebrated over the decades, that it'd be an utter insult to not tag her into the roster.

As one of the pioneering faces in the adventure scene, Lara Croft paved the way to mounds of alternative titles over several decades. Heck, even Uncharted took a serious amount of inspiration from the Tomb Raider franchise. And that's why we're immediately drawn to put Lara at the apex of our ensemble. Not only is she a natural survivor at heart, but also a strong personality that welcomes any challenge and overcomes them with pride. And it's because of that, that we're sticking the diamond tiara on her little golden head. Consider our team assembled.


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