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Moonless Moon: Everything We Know

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Closing your eyes to sleep sends the mind wandering off to all sorts of places. Moonless Moon is determined to capture the trip the mind makes in a visual novel. It even adds a neat twist to the story about beginning to question reality. Is the real world when awake actually real or does reality exist far beyond wild imagination? We do have some concrete details about the upcoming game. So, let’s unpack everything we know about Moonless Moon ahead of release down below.

What is Moonless Moon?

girl and boy

Moonless Moon is an upcoming text-based visual novel game. It follows a girl protagonist on her adventures across different worlds. The game plans to play like a music video, allowing you to choose the trajectory the story takes. You’ll explore multiple worlds, all unique in the characters you meet and surroundings. 

The more you play, the more you’ll be faced with tough choices that push you to question your existence. Reality and the worlds you visit will start to leak into one another, provoking you to face tough choices that define the nature of reality. More so, your choices will alter the course of your journey and impact the final ending. 


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The protagonist, Yomichi, is a normal student girl while she’s awake. Every time she goes to sleep, though, her mind takes her to all sorts of places. Through the night, you spend time exploring different biomes. Sometimes Yomichi’s mind takes you to a desert on the moon. Other times to a coffee shop inside a tunnel. Still, other times she takes you to an island atop the skies. 

Hey, dreams are unrealistic like that. Moonless Moon plans to take you to many more different worlds, some that make sense and others treading dangerously close to fantasy. Dangerously because the more time Yomichi spends in these worlds, she begins to question the real world. 

It doesn’t help that she makes friends with people she meets on her adventures. It makes you question whether there’s any need to return to the daytime world, a world where you go to school every day. You’ll spend time gathering more information about the worlds you visit and grappling with what this “new” reality means to Yomichi.

According to the developing team, Moonless Moon will take the form of a music video. It’ll feel like a music video you’re able to interact with, complete with memorable art and original music.


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Moonless Moon will be an interactive visual novel. Specifically, it’ll allow you to choose the direction the story takes. You’ll do so via the “riddle” parts of the game, which gives you a selection of keywords to drag and drop into fun and intuitive puzzles. 

These riddle parts will serve as the points in the story that you have to complete to progress. Depending on the keywords you select, you’ll change the trajectory of the story leading to uncovering a unique ending. Having multiple endings will likely create room for replayability. 

Moonless Moon will fill the silence with several original tracks. These will sync with animated videos that portray a unique world.


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Developer Kazuhide Oka and publishers Kamitsubaki Studio and Yokaze are currently working on Moonless Moon. Kazuhide Oka is a renowned game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. You may know the studio from their work in Piano at 5 AM and Natsuno Kanata – Beyond the Summer. You may know the latter, also a text adventure game about a girl who can travel around the world during an apocalypse. 

Natsuno Kanata – Beyond the Summer has garnered mostly positive reviews on Steam. However, it remains still only available in Japanese. However, many players in the West have developed a keen interest in the game. Fans of Kazuhide Oka’s have sourced language translator apps to be able to play Natsuno Kanata – Beyond the Summer. Fortunately, Kazuhide Oka has confirmed that Moonless Moon will have a Japanese release, but also an English and Chinese version, too. 

Kamitsubaki Studio, on the other hand, is part of the ANMC project, which aims to create music and indie games based on the works of Kazuhide Oka. Several artists, including some from Kamitsubaki Studio, have collaborated on producing Moonless Moon’s list of amazing songs and bringing the project to life. Moonless Moon is only the first of many ANMC projects to come.

Moonless Moon has only recently been announced to be in development on May 25, 2024. So, developer Kazuhide Oka and publishers Kamitsubaki Studio and Yokaze have plenty of work cut out for them to bring the project to fruition. Fortunately, they have a great team in place, including character designer Hizumi, key visual designer Okusora Keita, and English translator Marco Godano.


Moonless Moon - Announce Trailer

Good news! A Moonless Moon announcement trailer is out now. It’s pretty deep, showcasing the visuals and gameplay to expect. You can expect anime-style animations and charming music. In the final game, the story will progress like a “music video you can play through.” Here’s to hoping the final game is as compelling and immersive as the trailer appears to be.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions


According to the Steam store page for Moonless Moon, the upcoming game is slated to release sometime in 2024. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say when the exact release date will be, but we’ll keep an eye out for you.

On the flip side, we can confirm that Moonless Moon will be released on PC platforms via Steam. With the Steam store page already out, you can add the upcoming game to your wishlist so you get a notification as soon as it drops. Editions remain unconfirmed at this time.

Feel free to follow the official social handle here to keep track of new updates or stick with us right here on where we post new information on upcoming games as soon as they come up.

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Moonless Moon when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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