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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: Everything We Know (2024)



Indiana Jones and the Great Circle features adventures and iconic characters

Indiana Jones. The name alone evokes images of thrilling chases, ancient temples, and daring rescues. For decades, fans have followed the iconic archaeologist on his quest for hidden treasures and historical artifacts, through perilous jungles, dusty deserts, and forgotten ruins. With a fedora on his head and a whip in hand, Indy has become a symbol of adventure and discovery. But what new secrets lie in wait for him this time?

Announced back in 2021, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle have been shrouded in mystery and anticipation. What ancient powers will Indy uncover? Who are the sinister forces he'll confront? And how will this new game capture the spirit of the beloved films? If you're craving answers and eager for a new adventure, here's everything we know so far about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

What is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle?

Two adventurers on a boat approach an ancient jungle ruin

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is an upcoming first-person, single-player adventure game set between the films Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Players will travel the world, uncovering clues and solving an ancient mystery. The journey takes you from the Vatican and Egypt to the temples of Sukhothai and the Himalayan peaks. The game aims to make players feel like they are truly stepping into the shoes of Indiana Jones.

“Our game is about putting you in the shoes of an iconic hero,” says Design Director Jens Andersson. The first-person perspective lets players “truly become Indy,” experiencing the adventure more closely. Players will use their wits and whip to navigate challenges, solve puzzles, and outsmart enemies. “The world of Indiana Jones is a world with mysteries around every corner,” where players must race against time and foes to uncover artifacts.

In addition, the senior animator, Rebecca Elfstrom Hidén, explains how the game and the Indiana Jones franchise fit perfectly together. “It’s like two pieces of a puzzle that just fit so well together,” she says. The game's bold ideas align with the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones. So, this ensures that the game captures the heart of the character and the elements that fans love, while also delivering exciting and memorable moments.


A man in a fedora stands in a dimly lit room

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will take players on a thrilling adventure set in 1937. The story begins when an ancient relic is stolen from Marshall College, where Indiana Jones works. Determined to catch the thief, Indy discovers an ancient conspiracy involving the Great Circle—a mysterious alignment of ancient sites around the world. Each site is linked by enigmatic artifacts that are believed to hold great power. Indy isn't the only one searching for these artifacts; sinister forces are also hunting them, hoping to gain this power. To stop them, Indy must find the artifacts first.

In his quest to uncover the secrets of the Great Circle, Indy will travel to exotic and dangerous locations, including the pyramids of Egypt, the sunken temples of Sukhothai, and the Vatican. Along the way, he will solve intricate puzzles and outsmart enemies to prevent a catastrophic power from falling into the wrong hands. In short, the story promises a gripping, globe-trotting adventure true to the Indiana Jones films with new twists.


An adventurer with a whip confronts soldiers in a jungle setting

The gameplay of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will offer a thrilling mix of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving. As a first-person adventure, players will step directly into Indiana Jones' shoes, feeling the excitement of each discovery and danger. The game will take players to a variety of detailed locations, from the familiar halls of Marshall College to the exotic Pyramids of Egypt, each filled with unique challenges and hidden secrets.

One of the key tools here will be Indy's famous whip, which players can use not just for fighting, but also for getting around and solving puzzles. For example, they can use the whip to swing across gaps, disarm enemies, and interact with the environment in creative ways. Moreover, stealth will play a significant role, so players will have to sneak past enemies and use their surroundings to their advantage, rather than relying solely on combat.

In addition to exploration and stealth, combat in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will focus on strategic, thoughtful encounters. While players will have access to melee combat and firearms, using stealth and intelligence will often be more rewarding. This approach fits well with Indy's character, who is known for his quick thinking and resourcefulness. As a result, players will need to carefully plan their actions, blending stealth and combat to overcome enemies and challenges. Furthermore, puzzles will be another major part of the gameplay. Hence, you'll have to think critically and pay attention to details.


Indiana Jones and the Great Circle scene shows intense action sequence

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is being developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks. This project marks a significant shift for MachineGames, known for their work on the Wolfenstein series. The team has also collaborated closely with Lucasfilm Games. In an interview on the Official Xbox Podcast, MachineGames' Jerk Gustafsson and John Jennings discussed the meticulous research and collaboration that has gone into the game’s development. “It’s a little bit different, this game, for us, in many ways,” said Gustafsson. “We are very used to having heavy weapons, gun-blazing shooters – and this is a little bit different. We are making a proper adventure game here.”


Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Bethesda Softworks has shared a captivating gameplay trailer that introduces us to the game's realistic world. The trailer offers tantalizing glimpses of the first-person perspective gameplay, showcasing the immersive experience awaiting players. You can watch the video on your own in the embedded video above!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

A soldier raises his hand amidst a desert excavation site

The exact release date for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle remains under wraps, but the game will launch in 2024. Players can look forward to its availability on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. The game will also be accessible through Xbox Game Pass on day one. Although details on special editions haven't been disclosed yet, fans should stay tuned for updates. We will share more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can follow Bethesda's official social media accounts for the latest news and reveals here.

So, what are you most excited to see in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle? Let us know on our socials here!

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