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How to Run a Business in Grand Theft Auto Online

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Grand Theft Auto Online is bringing GTA to a whole new level. With tons of grinding options, you can run a business that makes you a load of cash. And with more in-game money comes a wide variety of luxury choices like high-end apartments and fancy combat vehicles.

So here is a quick run-through on how to run a business. 


  • Choose a business to run

There are plenty of options to consider. A few starting points are assessing which type works for you. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you can run a business that generates active or passive income.

There are also varied types like running a nightclub, meth lab, weed farm, auto shop, or counterfeit cash factory. Often, these require investment money, so your next step is acquiring start-up capital.


  • Acquire investment money

Depending on the type of business you select, you’ll need to put down start-up capital. For instance, running an auto shop requires a minimum cost of $1.7 million.

In turn, the auto shop will run actively, generating $300k per hour. Now, these amounts may seem overwhelming, but plenty of ways exist to make quick cash. You only need to put on zeal and a competitive spirit. A good way to earn start-up capital is through heists. There’s a caveat, though. Heists require an upfront cost to host one though it’s usually lower.


  • Get your team together

In the same way real-world businesses pull through on a diligent team; you’ll need to recruit other players to help you run your business.

Most types will require a CEO, which is usually the person who starts the business. Then, you can recruit a team of players to help you plan and execute quests.

Level Up

Once you’ve nailed these three, you can start earning and break even in a matter of hours. Keep in mind that to some cases to run a business in Grand Theft Auto Online may require higher investment money that takes too long to make profits.

Ideally, you’d want to make quick cash and, in turn, purchase weapons and vehicles to level up against your opponents. 

Do you have any more tips on how top best run a business in GTA Online? Let us know in our socials here or leave us a comment below.

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