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Forspoken: Best Gear & Accessories

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Forspoken bears the right to be billed as a relatively challenging RPG, and not to mention an easily digestible experience with plenty of secrets, unlockables, and cosmetics to unearth and collect. And its world of Athia, too, is a mythical realm worth scrubbing clean—especially if you're planning on taking Frey around its every nook and cranny either in the opening chapters or the endgame.

As it turns out, there are only three different types of accessories you can have Frey wield: a cloak, a necklace, and a set of power-infused nails. Question is, which of the three obtainable accessories are actually worth going out of your way for? Well, if you are after a few quality items that'll help boost your core stats, then be sure to read on. Here are the best gear items and accessories in Forspoken right now.

6. Veriment (Cloak)

There's no doubt about it — Veriment, as a cloak, is the single most powerful bit of gear you can unlock in Forspoken. Why? Well, for staters, it boasts four ability slots for you to tailor and mold to your personal style. In addition to this, it doubles your damage output whenever your HP reaches a critical point, as well as increases your Critical Hit, Stamina, and Surge Magic. For these reasons, the violet and gold attire stacks up as one of the best in the entire campaign. It also acts as a boon for anyone playing on the tougher settings, as HP will often plummet during combat.

To get your hands on the epic cloak, you will of course need to arrive in Athia, after which you will need to head to the Locked Labyrinth: North Dungeon. Upon completing this rather challenging chamber and defeating its boss, you will receive Veriment as a reward. Is it worth doing as early on as possible? Absolutely…so long as you're up for a fight.

5. Savage (Nails)

As you progress deeper and deeper into the mythical realm of Athia, you'll eventually come to learn more spells for your arsenal. To double the impact of these spells, you will want to dig out the Savage nail accessory, as it essentially boosts your overall damage for each new skill learned. If you can acquire a plethora of spells by the end of the game, then you'll pretty much transform into an unstoppable heroine with far more bite than bark.

To obtain the nails, simply head northwest in the Visoria region until you reach Visorian Isthmus. From here, head through the Tranquil Gate and enter the town of Upril, a fog-smothered location that's overrun with Nightmares. You will automatically receive the Savage nails for defeating the enemies in this area.

4. Home Sweet Hell (Necklace)

So long as you're planning on sticking around Athia for the long haul, obtaining Old Coins (64, to be precise) shouldn't be much of an issue. Of course, there is a slight perk to doing this, which is the Home Sweet Hell necklace, a powerful accessory that boosts Frey's overall damage and magical abilities. It also makes Killer Blows significantly stronger, as well as increases your stamina whenever using parkour-based attacks.

Just to confirm, you will need to unearth a total of 64 Old Coins to begin this quest for the necklace. After this, you will need to purchase the Sewing Kit from the Curiosity Shop in Visoria. With said kit, you will be able to craft Home Sweet Hell using the following components: X3 Fluteblossom, X3 Bumbershoot, and X3 Lucid Garland.

3. Unbroken (Cloak)

A quality alternative to the Veriment cloak is Unbroken, yet another cosmetic that can be crafted using the same Sewing Kit and components as the Home Sweet Hell nails. This cloak, unlike Veriment, allows its wearer to absorb enemies HP, as well as recharge Surge Magic a whole lot faster. It's a well-balanced accessory, all things considered, and it definitely compliments the Home Sweet Hell necklace rather well.

Just to echo, you will need to obtain a total of 64 Old Coins to be able to purchase the Sewing Kit from the Curiosity Shop in Visoria. Doing so will automatically unlock the Unbroken schematic, which will cost you the same ingredients as the aforementioned necklace. These items are as follows: X3 Fluteblossom, X3 Bumbershoot, and X3 Lucid Garland.

2. Aftershock (Nails)

Forspoken features a grand total of 30 nail sets, most of which either increase your elemental damage by a small amount, or a substantially larger amount. A perfect example of the latter, of course, is Aftershock, an accessory that delivers a wave of fatal explosions following any Killer Blow execution attack. As your spells and skills develop, these finishers will only double in power, effectively making the Aftershock add-on twice as effective in any given encounter.

The good news is, you won't have to travel all that far to obtain the Aftershock nails. In fact, you will receive them as a reward during the fifth chapter in the campaign, right around the time you find yourself in Praenost Castle.

1. Orison (Necklace)

If you're playing through Forspoken on a higher difficulty setting, then you'll probably find yourself in a few sticky situations from time to time—especially when trying to keep on top of your HP. A good way to make sure you've enough health during combat is to locate the Orison necklace, a quality accessory that gives you additional HP for every enemy you defeat out on the battlefield. This is arguably the best gear to have during the early sections of Forspoken.

To get your hands on Orison, you will need to venture out to the Barren Plains. In this biome, you will have to complete the Locked Labyrinth: East, after which you will receive the necklace as a reward for clearing it.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our best gear and accessories? Are there any cloaks, nails, or necklaces you'd recommend scouting out? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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