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Evil Dead: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



With hindsight, Evil Dead really isn't all that confusing to wrap your head around. Or at least, its offline campaign mode isn't, anyway. However, the same can't be said for its online multiplayer mode, which is, without a doubt, the bread and butter counterpart of the third-person shooter. And let it be said that, if you don't know your broomstick from your broom handle, then you're really only lining yourself up for imminent failure.

There are ways, of course, that can help you tackle the army of the dead and its many, many demonic allies without taking too much damage and an additional loss for your record. With that said, you should look to employ these tips the next time you fire up a game against the Kandarian Demon.

5. Complete the Campaign First

It may sound like a cheap answer to your endless struggle to make ends meet in the multiplayer mode, but the simple fact is this: you will never be able to beat the online world if you haven't already beaten the campaign. The truth is, people take this sort of thing quite seriously, and therefore if your skills aren't up to scratch, then you'll only wind up dead, or worse — sinking your entire team's hopes of winning, ever.

Unfortunately, Evil Dead isn't the easiest game in the world, nor is it exactly forgiving. It's tough as nails, and can definitely provide a sturdy challenge for both newcomers and die-hards of the genre. The good news is, if you can mow your way through the campaign and live to tell the tale, then you'll be pleased to know that there's a place for you amongst the online community. And if you can't crack it, then keep trying until you've cleared all the episodes. The fact is, everything you will ever need to know about beating the online world will be available in its offline campaign.

4. Don't Be a Hero

Evil Dead adopts a key feature that can either make or break a match, which is fear. Or better yet, fear levels, which survivors must learn to keep a lid on if they are to avoid being isolated and detected by the roaming Kandarian Demon. And the only way to avoid getting petrified of your own shadow, surprise surprise, is to stick with your teammates. The point here is, you know — don't be a hero.

Of course, as you learn the objectives and get a feel for the setting that Evil Dead employsyou will eventually find the confidence to branch out and do things your own way. To start, though, you should always stay close to the other survivors, otherwise your fear levels will hit the roof. The general rule of thumb here is this: never isolate yourself from the group. Oh, and try and steer clear of the darkness, too, if you can help it.

3. Don't Hang Around

If you've seen the movies, then you'll know that being stealthy and considerate of your surroundings don't really take you that far in a game like Evil Dead. Instead, the goal is to move forward without hesitation, and to complete the objectives as they come without delving into the nooks and crannies of the section you're exploring. Failure to do this will result in the Kandarian Demon sniffing you out and backing you into a corner.

To start, you'll no doubt experience a slew of quick losses for hanging around while learning the ropes. The idea here is to not feel disheartened when death finds you in the most unusual places, and while you're partway through a crucial objective in the match. As you'll come to learn, speed is everything, and only by replaying the matches will your efficiency improve to the point of being able to breeze through without making any unwanted pitstops.

2. Weapons Make the Survivor

It goes without saying that, if you don't have a quality weapon to take with you on your travels, then you're only setting yourself up for an early grave. To acquire better weapons, you will need to search the abandoned shacks, sheds, and buildings around the world. You will need to scrub these areas as quickly as possible with your team, allocating a short period of time to exploring each room before backing out.

In Evil Dead, time is of the essence; if you hang around in any area for too long, then you'll eventually find yourself meeting a gruesome death. Therefore, when it comes to hunting for new gear, always be sure to whittle down your exploration time. If you can grab a shotgun, a chainsaw, or even a great sword, then your chances of surviving the match will automatically increase. Rinse and repeat this process throughout the game by traveling clockwise around the greyed out areas on the map.

1. Never Quit

Losing is all part of the game, this much is true. And while it may be tempting to rage quite partway through a losing battle, the truth is, it really isn't worth it. As you'll come to learn, each match rewards you for your efforts with XP and in-game perks. However, if you happen to quit a game before it's over, then you'll get nothing, which renders the whole experience completely useless.

It doesn't matter if you're the last survivor standing or the next in line to be mauled by the Kandarian Demon, so long as you keep in mind that quitting, as tempting as it may be, really isn't worth giving in to. Stick with your choices and see everything through to the last minute. Come curtain call, your XP and character stats will definitely thank you for it.


So, what's your take? Do you have any additional tips for Evil Dead newbies? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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