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Diablo 4: Best Rogue Build



Best Rogue Build

Owing to the fact that you can use both long-range and melee attacks, the Rogue is a very versatile class. Unlike the Barbarian class, the Rogue is very swift and takes a bit of skill. While they may be challenging to master, they reward your gameplay with endless strategic possibilities. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize the potential of this class, you'll need the best Rogue build to do so.

Thankfully, we're coming at you with three of the best Rogue builds in Diablo 4 right here. Each of these builds develops the Rogue in a unique but effective way. So, you can choose one if it matches your playstyle, or tinker with the variables to achieve your ideal build. In any case, stick to these Rogue builds in Diablo 4, and you'll be dancing and prancing around enemies before they know what hit them.

3. The Ranged Rogue

A lot of people want to branch out to the Rogue class for its ranged prowess. But, in order to make the most of it, you'll want to maximize your range damage and movement while mitigating your opponent's movement. That way, you can dance around hordes, picking them off one by one before they get within arms' reach. Fortunately, our ranged Rogue class produces exactly that result.

Skills for Ranged Rogue build:

  • Heartseeker – Enhanced Heartseeker – Fundamental Heartseeker
  • Rapid Fire – Enhanced Rapid Fire – Advanced Rapid Fire
  • Caltrops – Enhanced Caltrops – Methodical Caltrops
  • Cold Imbuement – Enahnced Cold Imbuement – Mixed Cold Imbuement
  • Rain of Arrows – Prime Rain of Arrows – Supreme Rain of Arrows

Starting off this build we have the Heartseeker skill. This is crucial for early game and increasing your Critical Strike chance. Up next you'll want your Core skill to be Rapid Fire. Not only will this allow you to quickly fire off shots, but the more arrows you shoot the better chance you have at hitting a Critical Strike.

As we said, you'll want to be dancing around your enemies, that's why we want to go with Caltrops for Agility. However, we want to slow our enemies at the same time, which is why we go with Cold Imbuement. Together, these skills practically make you untouchable. Then to top everything off, go with the Rain of Arrows ultimate because this class is definitely lacking AOE damage. Of course, take your pick of a bow or crossbow, and there you have the best-ranged Rogue build.

2. Twisting Blades Rogue

best Rogue Builds

Although Rogue can be used at range, who's to say they don't excel in melee? There's nothing more fun and cooler looking than a stealthy dual-handed rogue. Although they may be a bit of a glass cannon, if you can master their movement and abilities you can silently annihilate the opposition from the shadows. Evidently, this is one of the best Rogue builds, designed specifically for that purpose.

Skills for Twisting Blades Rogue build:

  • Blade Shift – Enhanced Blade Shift – Fundamental Blade Shift
  • Twisting Blades – Enhanced Twisting Blades – Advanced Twisting Blades
  • Shadow Step – Enhanced Shadow Step – Disciplined Shadow Step
  • Shadow Imbuement – Enhanced Shadow Imbuement – Blended Shadow Imbuement
  • Shadow Clone – Prime Shadow Clone – Supreme Shadow Clone

In order to be successful with the Twisting Blades build, you need to master your movement. That's because you'll want to use your Twisting Blades to target chunkier enemies, then Shadow Step across a wave of enemies so your follow-up twisting blades can slice right through them. Then the Shadow Imbuement and Shadow Clone Ultimate are the cherry on top to maximize damage output for this build – it practically doubles the damage.

So, as you can see, the Twisting Blades Rogue build is highly effective when used right. As a result, this is one of the best Rogue builds, but it will take a bit of practice before you're fluent with its combo and playstyle. However, once you've mastered it, you'll wipe out a swarm of enemies before they can even get a glimpse of you.

1. AOE Rogue Build

Most players do not consider the Rogue class first when planning an AOE build. This Rogue build, on the other hand, is one of the best AOE builds in the game. It essentially allows you to quickly enter battle, deal massive area damage, and then quickly exit to recharge for another attack. Making the most of the Rogues' stealth and mobility while also maximizing AOE potential.

Skills for AOE Rogue build:

  • Puncture – Enhanced Puncture – Fundamental Puncture
  • Flurry – Enhanced Flurry – Advanced Flurry
  • Shadow Step – Enhanced Shadow Step – Disciplined Shadow Step
  • Dash – Enhanced Dash (Optional)
  • Shadow Imbuement – Enhanced Shadow Imbuement – Blended Shadow Imbuement
  • Adrenaline Rush Ultimate ( Passive)

Starting off, we have Puncture which increases the range of your throwing knives. Furthermore, we go with Fundamental Puncture upgrade which now throws three knives in a spread with the benefit of Critical Strikes ricocheting. Then, an integral part of this build is Flurry. This skill allows you to unleash a furry of stabs and slashes to enemies in front of you, and the advanced version also grants you the chance to stun them.

For movement, we have Shadow Step and Dash. The former doubles as movement and damage, since it pairs nicely with Shadow Imbuement. However, because we are using Shadow Step and Dash, we are giving up an ultimate ability. This is where you can play around with the build and sub out Dash to get the Rain of Arrrows Ultimate. However, if you do that make sure to grab Concealment as a quick escape and heal tool. Nonetheless, all put together this is one of the best Rogue builds in Diablo 4.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our builds? Is there another Rogue build you think is best in Diablo 4? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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