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Crescent County

Witches, technology, and utopia are three concepts that you wouldn’t expect to mix. However, they blend well in Crescent County, a new game recently announced at the PC Gaming Show. It is a unique and creative game about a witch leading an ordinary life in a stunningly beautiful, high-tech, and magic-infused world.

Crescent County promises to be a charming game with an easy-going gameplay style set in a picturesque world. Here is a comprehensive preview of everything we know about the game.

What is Crescent County?

watching and conversing

Crescent County is a creative game that incorporates and blends several genres, including life sim, RPG, and a bit of racing. You play as a witch starting life afresh on a beautiful island of witches, where you set up a home, offer delivery services, interact with the locals, race motor brooms, and do more.

Interestingly, the game appears to be inspired by the Japanese animated fantasy film Kiki’s Delivery Service. The concept is also closely similar to Mika and the Witch’s Mountain, another witch-themed delivery service game.


delivering items

The story behind Crescent County seems typical, based on a young girl moving to a new island to start life afresh. However, the girl is not ordinary, and neither is the island and its way of life. The young girl is a witch called Lu. Moreover, the town’s residents are witches, and it is infused with a blend of magic and advanced technology.

Su moves into her cousin’s empty flat and finds work delivering packages all around the town. She uses the money from her new job to furnish her empty apartment, ultimately turning it into a cozy home. She also socializes with the interesting locals. Moreover, she discovers a new racing activity that becomes her favorite pastime. Ultimately, the story is about Su living her life to the fullest.


Riding the broom

Crescent County’s gameplay style beautifully blends the life-sin, RPG, and racing genres to deliver a fun and charming gameplay experience. Essentially, you play the role of a young girl and follow every aspect of her life, including her professional, social, and personal activities.

As a life-sim and role-playing game, Crescent County puts you in Lu’s shoes and lets you run her entire life. Working as a delivery person is the biggest aspect of your life as Su. You get orders from witches to pick and deliver packages all over town.

Each order is unique, and some may seem bizarre. For example, a client may ask you to go and throw a package inside any lake around the island. Besides deliveries, you can also get gigs fixing broken leylines. Interestingly, you get to choose the jobs you want to do.

Your work as a delivery person is fun and rewarding, and you can use the money you earn to set up your cousin’s empty home. You can collect and purchase furniture and other household items from the locals to furnish your new home.

You can also design and style your home’s interior however you wish to suit your unique tastes. Notably, the better and cozier your new home is, the more activities you can enjoy with friends who come over. For example, you need a couch and table to host dinner parties.

Friends don’t come automatically in this game. As such, you must work on your social skills by interacting with the locals. The residents here are interesting, being witches and all. You can hold simple chats, argue, flirt, and even go on dates. You can even bring your friends over to your house, but only as long as it is furnished and cozy. Interestingly, two of your new friends introduce you to motorbrooms, a motorized version of a witch’s classic flying broom.

Racing is a great way to wind down after a day of hard work. it is a fun and exhilarating experience, especially because of the motorbrooms’ unique design. The motorbrooms move fast and smoothly, making for a fun riding experience.

You can race on the smooth roads, off-road, fly through wind turbines, and find shortcuts on leylines. The racecourses are secret and feature diverse maps and settings. You can also customize your motorbike to boost specs such as speed, hovering, and off-road performance.

Interestingly, your work as a delivery person and hobby as a racer present the ideal opportunities to explore the town on your motorbroom. The town is designed as a solarpunk world with beautiful environments and high-tech amenities.


Crescent County

Crescent County island is surrounded by a beautiful ocean, and you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean from the rolling green hills. Other natural environments include lush greenery, beautiful trees, lakes, and more. Besides the beautiful natural environment, the town also boasts smooth highways, beautiful houses, wind turbines, and other beautiful mega-structures.

Crescent County is developed by Electric Saint, a new game studio founded in 2022. The studio is utilizing the latest graphics technology in the game’s development to deliver the best gaming experience. Electric Saint will also be the game’s publisher.


Crescent County - Official Reveal Trailer | PC Gaming Show 2024

The official trailer for Crescent County is a brief summary of what the game is all about. The motorbrooms take the spotlight, and the trailer includes scenes of you riding them to make deliveries or race against your friends. Interestingly, the trailer showcases scenes of you riding the motorbroom through wind turbines, expanding your possibilities.

The jobs look interesting, and the trailer shows how you can choose your tasks. Moreover, the races look intense, and a scene in the trailer seems to suggest that you can play dirty. The trailer also showcases the beautiful island and town, including its natural environments and high-tech amenities.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Release information

Electric Saint is yet to announce the release date for Crescent County. The game will be available on two platforms: Xbox One and PC via Steam. It will be a first-edition game, and hopefully, Electric Saint will keep updating it to keep the gameplay fresh.

So, what’s your take on our preview of Crescent County? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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