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Project Tides: Everything We Know



Project Tides -Everything we Know

The video game Project Tides lets you explore a huge and changing 3D world. The creative minds behind the highly acclaimed video games Demon Turf and Slime-san made this game the first authentically expressive 3D platformer. Fabraz is about to give a groundbreaking and innovative experience that breaks the rules of the genre. Project Tides is a lively game that provides players with an expansive and dynamic three-dimensional environment to discover. The primary objective of the game's external world is to completely immerse players in a vibrant underwater setting.

This space's colorful and whimsical design reminds fans of beloved video games like Mario. The full details about the game are yet to come out, with the developers revealing very little. Here is everything we know about the game for those looking to stay ahead with Project Tide’s development.

What is Project Tides?

What is Project Tides

Project Tide is a new 3D platformer. If you are familiar with Demon Turf and Slime-san, two previous games of Fabraz, then you know that Project Tides focuses on fresh-level design and gameplay ideas. Demon Turf is a dark, atmospheric, three-dimensional platformer whose environment is peculiar and has unusual challenges. Slime-san is a two-dimensional game that has precise platforming and controls located very close to one another. The development team is now incorporating all these components into a massive open world as a part of Project Tides.



The story setting observed in the snippet draws inspiration from platformers such as Super Mario Sunshine. Bright colors, the presence of upbeat characters, and a whimsical look are all elements that scream fun. On the other hand, some signs suggest something much darker lurking under the surface. All the environmental components suggest a storyline much like Fallout 3. As a result of this contrast, you begin to wonder what mysteries this dazzling world is hiding from you.

Among the things that you will learn is that the world has hidden nooks and crevices. There are many unanswered questions and puzzling quests that lie ahead. Players also get to decide what the next step should be and what direction they should pursue. This video provides a brief look at the underwater world, which is available for exploration. The locations vary from dismal dungeons where there can be a secret chest or a dangerous villain to a bright coral reef inhabited by all sorts of living creatures. However, some places could incorporate both types. Thus, there is a chance that something unknown and astonishing is hiding in every corner of this aquatic environment.


Project: Tides Preview

The game's creators have referred to it as having a highly “expressive” vibe, indicating that you will have a wide variety of movements available. The player character can leap, glide, and move in various ways, all of which are straightforward. The freedom of mobility that the game’s controls accord players is one of the most thrilling aspects of the game. To be more specific, fluidity comes up among the main themes.

The game's emphasis on expressive movement is analogous to that of acrobatic freedom, in which the ability to control the movements of your avatar is an essential component of the gameplay. With everything taken into consideration, it would appear that Project Tides will have a very high skill ceiling.

Project Tides, which tends to mimic a large number of already available role-playing games, will reportedly have a character customization option. Essentially, this indicates that when the user creates an avatar, they can give skills that they find appealing. Project Tides provides a means for players to personalize their gaming experience to suit their preferences. Players can play in the manner that best suits their preferences.

Similar to what happens in games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this customization adds an extra layer of complexity to the game. As a result, players may decide on the costumes they put on, or in this case, equipment, and the skills they apply to counter the considered enemies.


Project Tides is a new 3D platformer game from the creators of Demon Turf and Slime-san. Uniquely, the title presents itself as an open-world game, which is unusual in 3D platformers. The game will be extremely expressive, which might imply that the emphasis will be on novel mechanics or character animations that the game will introduce to the label. Gamers are only building anticipation about Project Tide's narrative, characters, and gaming style as they await the full release or an early access version. 


Project Tides - Official Teaser Trailer | Guerrilla Collective 2024

After watching the trailer, numerous gamers have talked about how excited they are about Project Tides. It gives the impression of a large water area filled with corals and underwater tunnels that are so colorful. The major characters will have to use their physical mobility and environment to reach their goals and accomplish the tasks. The video merely exposes that the protagonist can do smooth hops, glides, and other similar movements, which suggests that they have a wide variety of activities.

The idea of an open world, the focus on fluidity in the characters' motions, and the ability to customize the characters all create the impression of a rich and stylish platformer. Fans can confidently wait on Project Tides, now one of the year's most anticipated games for creative third-person platformer lovers. Prepare yourself for an aquatic adventure unlike any other.

Release Date and Platforms

Release Date and Platforms

No specific date has been announced for the release of Project Tides. Nevertheless, according to the details on its Steam page, it will be accessible on Steam sometime in 2025. The creators, Fabraz, have not disclosed when it will be made available to the public; however, an official announcement will be made soon. Consequently, at present, the only way to acquire alerts about when you will be able to navigate these waters is to submit the game to the wishlist on Steam.

So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Project Tides release? Will you be catching the game once it's officially launched? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments. 

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