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Best Weapons in Redfall



Contrary to popular belief, it takes a great deal more than a stake to the heart to obliterate a bloodthirsty vampire. Fortunately for avid stakeholders and gun-toting mercenaries, though, the world of Redfall has a surplus of weapons to both scavenge and utilize during your time on the island. That said, the question very much remains: which of the world's many, many melee and ranged weapons pack the hardest punches?

The good news is, you needn't travel all that far to get your hands on one of the game's legendary weapons. Matter of fact, most weapons can either be purchased from one of the town's key safe house lockers, or obtained in one of the countless caches dotted around the island. Having said that, which of them should you go out of your way to acquire? Well, after shoveling through it ourselves, here are the best weapons we'd honestly recommend picking up during your time in Redfall.

9. A Grave Mistake Assault Rifle

To put it short, A Grave Mistake is an assault rifle that packs two individual perks: the gift of healing its wielder when used against a vampire, and a solid 20% damage increase when equipped. A fanciful upgrade for any bog-standard arsenal, you could say, and quite possibly one that'll take any aspiring hunter right through to the bitter end once acquired.

8. “Medusa” UV Gun

Other than driving a stake through the heart, vampires can also be killed (or petrified) with sunlight. In other words, an epic UV gun that ejects large plumes of light can ultimately terrify its chosen target. Perfect for evading those clustered encounters with more vamps than you can handle, no doubt? If that's the sort of approach you'd like to take the next time you're out on the prowl for a bloodsucker, then be sure to swing by either Basswood Pawn Shop, or Union Market. You can get your hands on the UV gun by accessing one of the two safes.

7. Comet Flare Gun

Of course, the next step you'd naturally take after shining an overpowered UV light at a vampire would be to burn it. Right? The good news there is, well, Redfall utilizes a selection of Flare Guns, which, surprise surprise, send out a cannister that gradually burns its target on impact. This is arguably one of the best methods for killing those pesky vampires, and the Comet, in particular, can obliterate a target in a single shot. You can get your hands on one at either the Police Station, or Union Market.

6. Sawfish Stake Launcher

Although you'd find something like an RPG more appealing in a game like Redfall, the fact is, the closest thing you'll get to something of the sort is the Sawfish Stake Launcher. Its purpose, much like an RPG, is to fire out a burst of stakes at a vampire, which in turn reduces their health bars by a significant amount. An essential bit of kit for any aspiring Van Helsing, for sure. You can pick one up at the Police Station, or in one of the island's many, many loot crates.

5. Lonely Thing Sniper

If you're one for taking your shots from a distance or from a deadly vantage point, then there's no doubt about it — the Lonely Thing sniper is one of the best and arguably most heart-punching rifles on the entire board. And while there are really only a couple of alternatives, it is worth sticking to the firearm that packs the heftiest punch. And on that note, the Lonely Thing delivers, tenfold.

4. Maenad Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are your bread and butter in a game like Redfall, primarily because they're best used in most encounters, both short range and long range. But for what it's worth, the Maenad does boast one of the highest damage outputs — but at the cost of having a rather low rate of fire. Nevertheless, it's an excellent choice of rifle, and one that packs a mighty hit against both human hostiles and the vamps. Just make sure you're a good shot, otherwise those bite-sized clips of ammunition will deplete faster than you can say “HEADSHOT” for the umpteenth time.

3. Centipede Pistol

Granted, pistols don't boast the same amount of fire power as, say, an assault rifle or a stake launcher, but they can shave off a significant amount of health, and not to mention serve as a solid substitute for when you're scavenging for ammo for those primary weapons of yours. To this end, your best and most reliable bet is to get ahold of the Centipede, a fifteen-shot sidearm that delivers fatal blows with almost every bullet. It's compact, convenient, and surprisingly effective against a myriad of enemy types — vampires included.

2. Grackle Pistol

A worthy successor to the aforementioned Centipede Pistol is the Grackle, a hard-hitting revolver that, in spite of its low mag size, actually boasts a damage output that is second to none. Case in point, if you're looking to fill your inventory with only the best secondary sidearms, then look no further than the Grackle revolver. If you can pull off a cheeky headshot, then it'll do you wonders, no questions asked. You can get your hands on one either in the Police Station, or one of the island's reappearing crates.

1. Badlands Shotgun

Redfall is home to an enormous variety of close range weapons, few of which actually have the raw power to send their targets into another dimension altogether. Needless to say that Badlands, among a few others well-preserved shotguns, is one of those incredibly all-powerful firearms, meaning you should aim to get your hands on one as early as possible. Simply put, it's one of the best weapons in Redfall, period — and not to mention fairly easy to obtain when exploring the nooks and crannies of Redfall.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top weapons? Are there any tips you'd suggest to a newcomer? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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