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Apex Legends is a massively successful battle-royale game that has recently added new game modes. In this game, knowing the difference between the effectiveness of the game's many weapons is crucial to success. These weapons range in their types and effectiveness at different ranges, and knowing this is a great advantage to have. So if you are an Apex Legends player and are looking to get ahead of the curve in terms of which weapons to use, please enjoy our list of the Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 17.

5. Flatline

Starting off our list of the best weapons to use in Season 17 of Apex Legends, we have the Flatline. While in comparison to many other heavy weapons in the game, there isn't a lot to make this gun stand out. But what it does offer players is consistent damage. The amount of damage you can deal per shot with the Flatline is really impressive and is sure to get you out of a few sticky situations. That said, there are a few things you can do to keep your effectiveness with this weapon as high as possible.

For starters, players can control the range of their engagement, and it is within the medium to close range that this gun excels. While you certainly can change the gun into a semi-auto and poke at the enemy from afar. This is hardly the best way to use this particular weapon. However, this gun's amount of kill potential at close to mid-range is staggering. So while it may not have the highest fire rate, it makes up for this in its damage per shot. This makes it a fantastic weapon to pick up and learn in Season 17 of Apex Legends.

4. R-99 SMG

First, the R-99 SMG has the potential to shred an enemy's shield absolutely. This makes t great for those close-quarters engagements where they are facing an enemy with a higher amount of shield health. This is dangerous because it makes the player less likely to survive the encounter. If players are able to aim and control the massive amounts of recoil of this weapon properly, however, they will quickly find their enemy's shields gone. This makes this weapon great in team fights when you are getting rushed. And time is of the essence, and you need to wipe enemies out in a pinch.

This makes this a fantastic weapon to have on your back as a secondary as well. Because when players inevitably push you, you can deal with them with no problem. A few great weapons to pair with this weapon and the R-301 Carbine and the Flatline. Both of these will allow you to deal with targets further downrange. All in all, the R-99 SMG is a fantastic weapon to use, especially in close-range situations. For these reasons, we consider it one of the best weapons in Season 17 of Apex Legends.

 3. R-301 Carbine

In terms of consistency, the R-301 Carbine reigns supreme. Able to contend with enemies at range or up close, no matter what situation you are in, the R-301 is happy to assist you. Players can take advantage of the gun's surprisingly high fire rate up close. And also take control of the minimal recoil at range to land those crucial shots in a firefight. This makes it one of the best all-around weapons in the game. Also another added bonus of using this weapon is its usage of Light Ammo. This ammo type is pretty prevalent when looting, so it's easy to stock up on plenty of rounds.

This makes it a great weapon to engage in longer firefights against opposing teams. This fact, coupled with its consistency, makes this weapon stand out above the rest in quite a few ways. So if you're looking for a great all-around weapon, then the R-301 Carbine certainly fits the bill. It can be great, coupled with a few close-range options, such as an R-99 SMG or even a shotgun. This will allow you to deal with targets at a wider number of ranges.

2. G-7 Scout

Next up, we have a pick that some would consider rather niche. The G-7 Scout is one of the first weapons that was introduced into Apex Legends. Since then, it has seen quite a few changes, with some items even changing its functionality. For example, players can choose to switch this semi-auto slayer into a full-auto beast to deal with players at closer ranges. This is great and really speaks to the versatility of this weapon. Also, the gun is able to be outfitted with several scopes, which will allow you to be effective at a number of ranges.

So if you are looking for a gun that will suit your every need. This is a great choice to have. It goes well with close-range options but can also be paired with ARs in order to keep the enemies at range. Being able to deal with enemies at medium to close range will make up for this weapon's weaknesses in those areas and make you much more effective in gunfights. So if you haven't given the G-& Scout a try, definitely do so, as it complements a number of different play styles.

1. Nemesis Burst AR

Wrapping up our list of the best weapons to use in Season 17 of Apex Legends, we have a behemoth of a burst rifle. The Nemesis Burst AR allows players to absolutely shred their enemy's shields even at range. The burst nature of the weapon makes it really easy to control and manage over long ranges. Added to this, the amount of damage per shot it can dish out is not only deadly but devastating. You can easily melt the shields of your foes as they try and push you. However, the burst nature of this weapon does come with one major drawback.

Namely the lack of a fully automatic mode. This makes dealing with extreme close-quarters fighting a bit difficult. It is for this reason that it is wise to pair this either with an SMG or shotgun to make up for these weaknesses. Also, players will have to scrounge around the battlefield for Energy Ammo, which can be annoying. However, in terms of raw performance, the Nemesis more than lives up to the test. So if you are looking for the best weapons to use in Season 17 of Apex Legends, definitely try out the Nemesis.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 17? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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