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5 Best Survival Games on PlayStation 5 (May 2023)



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Survival games and consoles haven't always got along. Because of their large game files and an overwhelming number of controls, the most extensive survival games could only be launched on PC. However, thanks to the PlayStation 5's technological advancements, survival games have found a second home on console. In fact, majority of the most popular survival games on PC made the transition. As a result, the PlayStation 5 now has a strong cast that consists of the best survival games in the genre. So, how do you decide which one to choose? which ones are the best? Well, keep reading because, as of May 2023, these titles are taking the ranks.

5. DayZ

This Is DayZ - This Is Your Story

DayZ originally started on PC as a mod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. After more than a decade, the mod evolved into its own standalone PC game in 2013. A hop, skip, and a jump later, the title made its way to our PlayStation 4 systems in 2019. Unfortunately, that was just a year before the PS5's release, which meant DayZ more or less flunked on PS4. However, all of its glory and gore are present and accounted for on PS5.

DayZ is essentially a zombie survival game. You spawn on the map's coast with little to no supplies and must fight for your right to survive from there. As a result, you're constantly fighting against starvation, cold, zombies, and, worst of all, other survivors. Because in the end times, you can't trust anyone, and DayZ will teach you that. Nonetheless, with such a long history in the genre, it's difficult not to consider it to be one of the best survival games on PlayStation 5 right now.

4. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky - Next Generation Update Trailer | PS5

Remember this game? You've probably heard of No Man's Sky when it was in development, as it was hyped up to be the next-best sci-fi survival game, quite literally offering the galaxy to its players. But, if you remember correctly, No Man's Sky failed historically. It failed to deliver almost everything it promised gamers. As a result, the game was dragged through the dirt for a while. However, developer Hello Games has yet to abandon their promise to provide gamers with everything they guaranteed at launch.

With non-stop updates to this day, Hello Games have brought No Man's Sky to be, everything it was originally promised to be. An infinitely explorable sci-fi survival game with no limits. You have complete freedom to explore the galaxy to your heart's content. Build a base, search for resources, fight space pirates, and begin a new life and of mystery and adventure. That is the state of the game right now on PlayStation 5, and it fought hard to become one of the best survival games on the platform.

3. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

Conan Exiles is a sandbox multiplayer survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. Alone or with friends, you survive the diverse world by chipping away at your relentless pursuit to become the mightiest barbarian or most powerful sorcerer in the lands. This, however, will not be without its share of bravery. In your journey, you will explore loot-filled dungeons and battle mighty mythical creatures. All in hopes of amassing powerful weapons, establishing a home, and becoming the most powerful version of yourself.

Conan Exiles is a sandbox survival after all, so it's got a bit of everything. Furthermore, the Isla of Siptah expansion was recently launched. This resulted in better graphics, more content, and a general improvement of the game, which was already in a great place to begin with. Nonetheless, Conan Exiles is one of the best survival games on PlayStation 5, with some of the most comprehensive gameplay of all the titles on this list. So, if you're hungry for a survival adventure, Conan Exiles won't disappoint.

2. Rust

Rust Console Edition - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Set in a radioactive apocalyptic wasteland, Rust has long held stature as one of the best survival games on PlayStation 5. Starting with nothing, sometimes not even clothes, you must scratch and claw your way to the next day's survival. That means doing whatever it takes, even if it's at the cost of another life. But the world of Rust is a savage wasteland where people are starving, short on supplies, and will do anything to survive, so why shouldn't you?

Although Rust appears to be, and is a bleak and dystopic hardcore survival game, its gameplay is extensive. You can build massive bases, equip yourself with guns and helicopters, and go on map-based quests for better supplies. You can even join a clan if the fight for survival becomes too difficult to bare on your own. On that note, we should also mention that Rust has a fantastic community of players. Though they can be a little toxic at times, their RP skills will never fail to make you laugh and will only add to the apocalyptic immersion.

1. Minecraft

Official Minecraft Trailer

When it comes to the best survival games, there is only one answer for the best of the best across all platforms: Minecraft. Will its dominance ever end? In all honestly, probably not. That's because Minecraft is a survival game with truly limitless possibilities. Begin with humble beginnings, live in a small shack, and work to build your dream life. Venture deep into caves for materials, embark on perilous quests, and explore a mysterious world doing whatever you want.

The best part is that you don't have to do it by yourself. Minecraft supports cross-platform play, so you can bring your friends along for the ride. Start new livelihoods together, create a community, and start a farm or a castle for that matter. All in all, if you want a lighthearted and limitless survival game, Minecraft hits the mark.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other survival games on PlayStation 5 you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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