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10 Best Games Like Magical Bakery

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With the flick of a wand, you can have all sorts of sweets and pastries ready for your customers. But not only for them but also in preparation for an upcoming site visit from the Academy of Magical Bakers to determine just how ready you are to take on managing the magical bakery. Magical Bakery is, by all means, a cozy cooking and management simulation game. But while you wait for it to drop sometime later this year, you can always keep busy with these best games like Magical Bakery down below.

10. Medival Crafter: Blacksmith

Get ready to dive into the medieval world of blacksmithing with Medieval Crafter:Blacksmith Prologue

Instead of cakes, Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith replaces them with, well, swords. Become a master craftsperson, forging legendary weapons you can be proud of. Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith opens up the world of a blacksmith, charging you with managing the entire process it takes to craft the best bleeding edge metal. You’ll dive headfirst into resource collection, mining precious ores and minerals. But beyond that, you’ll explore an enchanting world where fire and steel clash amid epic quests, seasonal events, and vibrant village life. 

9. Lucie's Potager

Lucie's Potager - Trailer

Perhaps plants are more your speed? Lucie’s Potager charges you with managing a plant shop. It’s adorably cute from the get-go, with the protagonist, a charming young squirrel. Farm and sell exotic planets to your clients, with the goal, as always, to garner positive reviews. Plenty of gameplay goes into spreading your love of plants around, whether managing your time around the best seasons to harvest the best yield. You’ll choose your own prices, switching things around your shop at par with the latest trends.

8. Jane's Hotel

Jane's Hotel: New Story Trailer

Alternatively, you can choose to help Jane build a flourishing five-star hotel. If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Jane’s Hotel starts small, charging you with managing a small-sized two-star hotel to start. Since it's on the outskirts of town, you’ll receive fewer customers. However, as you continue to meet their needs, serving them exquisite drinks and meals, they’ll give you good reviews. In time, you’ll expand, climbing up the ranks to the top. Sometimes, all it takes is simply cleaning the clients’ room to make them happy, keeping in mind that time is always of the essence.

7. Legends of Aria

Perhaps you’re looking to have alternative routes in a fantasy world. In Legends of Aria, you can step into a fictional world shaped by you. You’ll have several shoes you can choose to walk in, including a seasoned wizard, an adventurous treasure hunter, a deft blacksmith, a heroic warrior, and many more. Each role carves out a unique path, one where you tread and explore on your own terms.

6. Bakery Magnate: Online

Bakery Magnate: Beginning - Official Trailer

Perhaps a world of baking is where your heart lies. In that case, feel free to check out Bakery Magnate: Beginning. It puts a unique twist on managing a bakery. You’re a bakery owner struggling to keep your business afloat. You have a son to provide for, and who causes trouble every chance he gets. The bakery management section of the game is grand. It features an advanced trading system that forces you to make tough decisions. However, it’s the overall story that seals the package, with relevant life values to learn from.

5. Trailer Shop Simulator

Trailer Shop Simulator: Official Trailer

Fancy a compelling story? Trailer Shop Simulator kicks off with an intriguing premise about a protagonist on the run from the mafia for over ten years. He’s been hiding in a cozy town, preparing for the day he’s discovered. Build and trade weapons, upgrading your gear as you progress. However, be sure to also trade other goods from your trailer shop to put up a cover. You’ll buy and sell different products and set up a flourishing company. Trailer Shop Simulator really goes hard on business, eventually building up to a shoot-off with the criminal organization you’ve been running from.

4. Clouzy!

Clouzy! - Official Trailer | Pax Online 2021

Clouzy! takes you into a fantasy world with a daycare for clouds. It merges the best parts of pet adoption, charging you with taking care of your fluffy cloud at the daycare. Beyond daycare, you can go out into the larger world, exploring its magical features and collecting delicious fruits. Moreover, you can cook delicious meals for your flying pet in a cute farming simulation.

3. Yard Sale Simulator

Yard Sale Game Trailer

Check out the open-world Yard Sale Simulator. It’s all about setting up and managing the most profitable yard sale. You can also shop from other yard sales. Perhaps you find an item that only needs a little bit of repair to unlock its value. The more you progress, the more resources you’ll earn to open up a shop in town. From your shop, you can sell all of the valuable items you have acquired so far.

2. Secret of Magic Crystals

Secret of the Magic Crystals Trailer

Giddy up for Secret of the Magic Crystals, a horse-breeding farming simulator for lovers of horses. The best part is it features all kinds of horses, including fantasy ones. You’ll rear unicorns, demon-steed, pegasus, fire-steed, and so many more. You’ll be free to collect over 700 items, including horseshoes, magical potions, and more. Some horses will get ill, and it’s up to you to care for them. They'll also need training to compete in 30 exciting competitions.

1. Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake - Official Launch Trailer

Also a bakery management game, Lemon Cake is as cozy as Magical Bakery. However, it puts a unique twist on growing fresh ingredients in your greenhouse. These vary from fresh milk to honey and eggs for your recipes. Then, cook tasty pastries and sweets for your clients. You’ll start off with fewer customers, thanks to your bakery’s reputation of being haunted. However, the more you make delicious treats, the more customers will line up outside. You may even get too many customers, at which point you can serve them coffee to keep them around for a bit longer.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our best games like Magical Bakery? Are there other alternatives we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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