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5 Worst RPGs of All Time

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5 Worst RPGs of All Time

Role playing games (RPGs) are the most popular game genre, with millions of fans. They provide open worlds to explore, character customization, and wonderful storytelling. Therefore, it's pretty hard for an RPG to be a complete flop. However, some creators tend to screw up so badly that they manage to piss off the majority of the RPG fanbase. 

While the industry is saturated with thousands of RPG games, you can always find a handful of titles that went entirely wrong. From poor controls and graphics to unexpected bugs, there are just some problems that are hard for gamers to ignore. That said, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the biggest RPG fails. Take a look at the five worst RPGs of all time.


5. Wild West Online

Wild West Online - Official Steam Launch Trailer

Many people joined the Wild West Online hype train when the first screenshots appeared. Since it looked a lot like Red Dead Redemption, expectations were high. In comparison to Red Dead Redemption, fans of Wild West Online were severely disappointed. The first issue you'll notice when you start playing Wild West Online is the graphics, followed by the clunky movement and controls. 

On top of that, the world featured is mostly empty and lacks any interesting elements for players to engage with. It has very little to offer in terms of gameplay, aside from the dull fetching missions that have you wandering around the boring terrain. And to add insult to injury, you also deal with pesky microtransactions as you play. Wild West Online is one of the few games that almost all players and critics can agree to be the worst of all time. 


4. Majestic Nights

Majestic Nights - Launch Trailer

If someone explained to you the concepts of Majestic Nights, you would think of it as an interesting game. However, once you take a glimpse of the actual production, your interest will tumble faster than you can imagine. This is a thriller game developed in an 80s setting where all conspiracy theories from the period come to life. It features everything from UFO sightings to the JFK assassination, which is as far as the excitement in this game goes.

All the other features in Majestic Nights are plagued by sloppy craftsmanship, bug-filled mechanics, and various confusing interfaces. It's a good thing that the game's first episode is available on Steam before purchase, so players can see what they are getting into before fully investing. Most players expected it to be of the same quality as the Fallout series, but only found the game to be a repetitive, underdeveloped mess, which is disappointing for a title that had so much promise.


3. Realms Of Arkania: Blade Of Destiny Revised

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - Official Trailer

Metacritic ratings are not always 100% accurate, but for a game to score as low as 18 tells you just how far off the rails Blade Of Destiny Revised went. The game suffers from everything an RPG ought to avoid. Starting with the drab graphics that are off-putting at first glance, followed by various glitches that will impair your progress in the game. Not to forget the game's horrible unclear dialogue, some of which has not even been translated.

One of the biggest upsetting facts about Blade of Destiny Revised is that the game is supposed to be a remake and an upgrade of a 1992 version. Yet it manages to do very little in remastering the prequel; in fact, most would argue that the earlier version of the game did way better on its own. As it featured much playable gameplay and a 3D fantasy world that anyone in the 90s would appreciate. Unfortunately, the messy attempt at its remastering is what gives the title a bad reputation. Some things are simply better left alone.


2. Infestation: Survivor Stories

Infestation Survivor Stories Extended Trailer

Most zombie survival RPGs are straightforward and fun, but not Infestation: Survivor Stories. You may forget about huge zombie fights in this game. While you're expected to cooperate with other players to obtain survival items, there may not be enough. And because the game features such limited activities, players just end up hunting each other instead. You also have many bugs to deal with, creating one of the worst gaming experiences you can find.

If not for such flops, Infestation: Survivor Stories would have actually been a success because a lot of the game's concepts were interesting. However, many accused the game developers of trying to mimic a popular title dubbed DayZ. Still, the creators of Infestation: Survivor Stories only managed to bring out the worst aspects of DayZ. The poor controls and glitches experienced every now and then also do little to help it. The only best way to redeem this Infestation title would be perhaps through a massive remaster.


1. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

Official Final Fantasy All the Bravest Launch Trailer

It is quite a shame to have a Final Fantasy title on the list of worst RPGs of all time. The credit goes to Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, an RPG that might be the lowest-ranked title in the entire franchise. Despite being part of the best video game series in the industry, All The Bravest failed terribly, especially in terms of game content. The game is lacking in the most important aspects that make a great RPG. From inadequacy in character customization to shallow gameplay and an absolute lack of a story. Players literally have nothing to do but move in units, issuing attacks.

The game features annoying drawbacks such as in-app purchases that are just too costly and not worth the struggle. In addition to that, you'd have to choose between spending money or waiting three hours to respawn your character in case of death. These and many other visual flaws make the game unbearable to play. The pixel design and cool music it features may draw you in, but you will soon realize there is very little to do. All The Bravest strives to offer as little entertainment as possible for as much cost as it can impose.


Which video game from the list above do you think is the worst RPGs of all time? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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