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5 Gaming World Records You Won’t Believe




We've spent weeks flicking through the Guinness World Records, desperate to siphon out the greatest articles in gaming, all in an attempt to bring them to you, the curious reader. And while most notable achievements made famous through the acclaimed book usually involved a marathon of some sort, other, more unusual accomplishments, had also been scribbled down for us to digest. And let me tell you, there certainly are some surprising records out there. But don't take it from me. Take it from the book that gave them their well-deserved moment under the spotlight.

Whether it's a joint effort or a solo venture, every goal deserves to be celebrated in its own unique way. Of course, the Guinness World Records has been praised highly for bringing such feats to the public eye. However, out of all the records we spooled through over several lofty editions of the annual collection, these five definitely shun a little brighter than the remaining articles. But we'll let you decide on what's on par with the majority, and what truly is, how some would put it — unbelievable.


5. 40-Hour Mario Kart Marathon

Kudos to Ben Fick, Anthony Lehnertz and Hunter Nierman.

As far as world records go, Mario Kart and its thread of addictive race titles pretty much hoard a diamond dozen. In the marathon department, however, only one record truly glimmers above all others — and that's the 40-hour marathon which one college trio accomplished a few years back. Yes, forty.

If spending almost two solid days karting through the likes of Rainbow Road and other iconic levels doesn't take you back — then maybe the fact that this particular trio also took it upon them to complete the marathon in a University Children's Hospital, bringing in several of its staff and patients to fill the fourth spot on the roster. Together, the devoted team crushed the world record on November 3rd, 2018. Three years on, and the record still hasn't budged.


4. 135-Hour Call of Duty Marathon

Kudos to Okan Kaya.

Yeah — you definitely read that right. 135 hours. One. Three. Five. From the 13th to the 19th November, one incredibly sleep deprived player literally slumped through game after game of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, all in a desperate attempt to crack the world record. And you know what? He actually did it. Evidently.

Other than excusing himself for the bare necessities every ten minutes on the hour, the Sydney-based gaming fanatic worked his way through Black Ops 2 for five and a half solid days. Along the way, as expected, the gamer endured multiple injuries and cramps, various bandages and a whole lot of emotional breakage. But, through light meals, energy drinks and a whole ocean of support — he finally managed to snatch the crown. Well played.


3. 20,139 Video Games

Kudos to Antonio Monteiro.

There's nothing more aesthetic than a neat row of video games compact and in pristine condition. A shelf or cabinet, and you're looking at a real talking point for anyone who crosses the threshold into your gaming sanctuary. But 20,139 video games and counting? Now that's something else. I can't even put it into words, to be honest.

Beginning the collection at the age of just 12, Antonio Monteiro only looked to evolve his cabinet until it burst through the seams of his gridlocked home. With every video game collection ever released in North America, as well as mounds of other platforms to boot, Monteiro currently holds well over 20,000 games in his library, effectively breaking the world record for the heartiest video game collection on the planet. It even took the guy eight days to count them for crying out loud.


2. 2.96 Million Gamerscore Points

Kudos to Stephen Rowe.

Before carrying out the research for this entry, I actually believed I myself had a respectable Gamerscore (just shy of 70,000, for those of you who, you know — care). But after digging out the official Xbox leaderboard and dusting off the current top contenders — I immediately fell back into my chair, grimacing at my poxy attempt at trying to tipple over 100k. Because the fact is, few have actually smashed through seven figures, with the current record-holder owning up to having just shy of 3,000,000.

Over sixteen years of solid gaming, hardcore Xbox user Stephen Rowe, also known by his “smrnov” tag, has completed over 3,600 games, with mounds upon mounds of DLC hurled on top. All of that has amounted to a total of 2.96 million Gamerscore, with a train of rivals closing in with an equally as impressive number of points. Not forgetting Ray Cox (Stallion83), who first broke the one million points record back in 2014. But as far as live standings go — Rowe currently wears the gold with the the massive 2.96 million accumulated points.


1. 138-Hour Just Dance Marathon

Kudos to Carrie Swidecki.

If you thought grinding Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for five and a half days straight was an unbelievable feat to break — then just wait 'til you get a load of this one. Just Dance, of all games. The longest gaming marathon ever recorded for the Guinness World Records, clocking at a total of 138 hours and 34 seconds is, amazingly, through playing Just Dance. I know — I'm feeling out of shape just thinking about it.

It goes without saying that taking anything in large quantities can lead to some pretty disastrous results. But not when it comes to the medium of dance, evidently. It just bags you a spot in the book of records and cements your name as the go-to marathon runner in the gaming division. Even still, 138 hours sure is a ridiculous amount of time to pop, lock and pose for freestyle cams for the sake of a world record. Beneficial in terms of health, sure — but a serious haul nonetheless.


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