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5 Best Games on Xbox Game Pass (August 2022)



Xbox Game Pass is absolutely booming with first-party exclusives these days, which just goes to show how subscription-based platforms are essentially taking over the market left, right and center. And not only is it currently loaded with a generous selection of triple-A releases, but a boatload of small-time indies and overshadowed classics from ex-gen consoles that predate the launch of Game Pass.

August is as good a month as any, with plenty to soak up from all corners of the library. The question is, which games are currently all the rage, and which are worth spending some time with before passing over to September? Well, here are the five titles that we'd recommend downloading this month.

5. Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus | Launch Trailer

Two Point Campus follows on from Two Point Hospital, another free-for-all sandbox game that essentially gives players the keys to a world of creativity and innovation. In the new addition, though, pledges take on the role of campus administrators, and are made to travel to a number of failing universities in order to breathe a second wind into their prospectuses.

From cursed wizarding worlds ravaged by endless storms to knight schools plagued by evil jousting overseers, Two Point Campus hosts a wide variety of cliques and obstacles that players must overcome in order to turn would-be disasters into fully functioning educational institutions. And, like its original, players can also indulge in the game's sandbox suite, a mode that offers infinite funds and space to create the ultimate campus, complete with all the bells and whistles to mold even the smallest minds into world-class innovators.

Two Point Campus will be available on Xbox Game Pass from August 9, 2022.


4. Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express - Release Date Trailer

Midnight Fight Express is an up-and-coming brawler that adopts a semi-open world concrete jungle for players to immerse in. As an ex-criminal in a city on the brink of collapse, you must branch out and stop an evil organization from shackling the streets in an overnight citywide takeover. And the worst part is, you only have until morning to prevent its downfall.

As Babyface, players will indulge in a ruthless battlefield that cloaks an entire city. By using a variety of combat techniques, weapons, and strategies, you will have the chance to take back what rightfully belongs to the monochrome metropolis. With that, you can expect more than enough epic street brawls, as well as a surprisingly rich and immersive storyline full of intriguing characters and locations.

Midnight Fight Express will be available on Xbox Game Pass from August 23, 2022.


3. Immortality

IMMORTALITY - Reveal Trailer for the New Sam Barlow Game

Immortality sees Sam Barlow's puzzle-heavy ideas once again spring to life over a relatively short but incredibly gripping interactive adventure. This time, players are asked to delve deep into the disappearance of an actress named Marissa Marcel. Assuming control of an archive loaded with data and video clips, you must curate the story leading up to the event and, in turn, uncover the whereabouts of the missing star.

Granted, Immortality doesn't boast a whole lot of gameplay. Instead, it favors live-action footage, data recordings, and a number of in-depth reports to tell its story. And that's perfect for anyone looking to get lost in a game that won't consume an entire month or two. It's somewhat therapeutic, especially for those who enjoy solving mysteries during a bit of downtime on a summer's evening.

Immortality will be available on Xbox Game Pass from August 30, 2022.


2. Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator - Launch Trailer | PS4

Cooking Simulator has finally been served over on Game Pass, meaning those without a VR can at last indulge in its banquet of hilarious shenanigans and gourmet disasters. Whether you're in it for the love of exceptional food, or for the sake of toying with a platter of otherworldly ingredients — this all-in-one package will surely keep you satisfied as you learn the ways of the culinary wizard.

As an aspiring chef in the center of the culinary world, players will have the opportunity to experiment with cuisines from all over the globe. To truly make it as an artist in the field, though, you'll have to master far more than cookery books and five minute recipes. With over 80 recipes to master and a whole kitchen stocked up with utensils, you will have complete control of the art you produce. So, wannabe chefs of the world — this one's for you.

Cooking Simulator will be available on Xbox Game Pass from August 11, 2022.


1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveal Trailer – E3 2015 [Europe]

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is a third-person tactical shooter that released back in 2017. Coined as one of Ubisoft's biggest and boldest online open world games to date, the action-heavy entry has gone on to receive global recognition and the approval of Tom Clancy diehards from all over the globe.

Set in a war-torn Bolivia, players must form a four-player squadron in order to take on the drug cartel known as Santa Blanca. With their influence scouring the lands and the borders yielding to corruption, you and your team must brave the Wildlands and reclaim the captured boroughs. With that, of course, comes plenty of thrilling battle encounters, stealth-based tactics, and wall-to-wall warfare. For every action you take, though, comes a flurry of consequences. It's your role, as a Ghost, to make the correct ones in order to benefit the people of Bolivia.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands will be available on Xbox Game Pass from August 2, 2022.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Will you be picking up any of the above this August? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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