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5 Best Games Like Gungrave G.O.R.E.



Gungrave G.O.R.E. is as stylish as they come — a status made possible by its slick use of chaotic bullet-riddled hellholes and bombastic combos. Meshed together, Iggymob's Korean shoot 'em up envelopes one uncontrollable monster of a ride, and it signs, seals, and delivers perhaps one of the most adrenaline-fueled, albeit slightly eccentric experiences in modern gaming.

In spite of its one or two mechanical flaws, Gungrave G.O.R.E. still provides some of the cleanest combat in arcade gaming, which alone makes it worth talking about. But if, for whatever reason, it doesn't fill your bucket, and you yourself are hungering for something a little more high-powered, then the good news is there's plenty more where that came from. Shoot 'em up fans — this one is for you.

5. DmC: Devil May Cry

Heavy metal, bullets, and bombs? It can only be DmC: Devil May Cryone of Gungrave G.O.R.E.'s earliest sources of inspiration. Does it warrant a millionth play-through, though? Absolutely, and for more reasons than we could dare to list, too. But in a nutshell, the whole of the Devil May Cry series is as close to being on the same page as Gungrave G.O.R.E. than any other of its kind, and it bodes well with those looking to invest in more titles that boast not only high-octane worlds, but combo-heavy mechanics that know no boundaries.

Of course, while you could very well pick up just about any entry in the Devil May Cry book, the standalone remake definitely trickles just that little bit closer to being a souped-up clone of Iggymob's gun-toting dystopia. And so, if you're all for shelling out on shorter stories with more combo variations than you could possibly shake a stick at — then good news, because it's right here, in Dante's devilishly alluring grip.

4. NieR: Automata

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NieR: Automata is far more of a JRPG than a bullet-soaked shooter, but it does contain an admirable amount of romps through flumes of shells, lazers, and explosions, similar to those of Gungrave G.O.R.E.'s highly palatable combat sequences. Its tale, too, might we add, is one that needs to be experienced multiple times to be able to get all there is out of it. And believe me when I say, there's plenty to stick around for between play-throughs.

NieR: Automata puts you in a post-apocalyptic world, a place in which drones are sent to recover what's left, work to restore mankind, and drive back alien-built machines that overpopulate the biomes. To achieve such goals, you must take a hold of an emotionless drone known as 2B, and guide her through the world with nothing but a data bank of key information, two toothpick blades, and a Pod that can hurl out bullets against its targets.

3. Bayonetta

Fortunately for Switch users, Bayonetta was recently unleashed to the platform in its entirety, which means those new to the shoot 'em up series can experience the journey from beginning to end, no strings attached. And it's worth doing too, as the series was built with the same pair of hands that constructed Devil May Cry way back when, which means all the same candy-popping visuals, style guides, and executions are all present and accounted for.

Bayonetta casts you as the one and only dual-wielding shapeshifter, a witch whose one and only goal after waking up from a 500-year sleep is to connect the dots from her former memories. Equipped with a top-shelf range of signature weapons and a whole lot of bark, the heroine of darkness jolts to life as one of the best action heroes of all time. Gungrave G.O.R.E. it is not, but then, it doesn't it really need to be.

2. Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes is a tough-as-nails third-person shooter that takes its primary source of inspiration from Dark Souls, a series known for its brutal and unforgiving combat. Unlike FromSoftware's cult classic saga though, Remnant: From the Ashes instead opts for intense wall-to-wall violence with bullets, bombs, and haze. It also goes hard on the boss encounters which, as a homage to its inspiration, render potential challengers broken and conflicted. So there's also that.

In Remnant: From the Ashes, you take on the role of a lone survivor on a post-apocalyptic Earth. With the remaining communities completely overrun with an interdimensional presence called the Root, you must travel to its core, a tower in which the key to its source idles in darkness. With the odds stacked heavily against you and the world in tatters, it is you who must venture to the epicenter of destruction and reconnect whatever's left.

1. Evil West

Evil West is a stylish third-person action-adventure game that comes from Flying Wild Hog, a studio best known for hits such as Shadow Warrior, Space Punks, and Trek to Yomi. In this latest venture, players take on the role of a vampire-hunting agent, whose job is to protect the American frontier as it battles to stay afloat in an overpopulated world where myth transforms into reality.

Similar to the studio's other previous works, Evil West casts a heavy focus on combat. More specifically, frontline warfare that sees you in the thick of it for all the while you and you alone bear the weapons of righteousness. In Evil West, it's you who must turn the tide against the enemy, and it is you who must learn to adapt for the sake of reclaiming what's rightfully yours. No pressure.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any games similar to Gungrave G.O.R.E. that you'd recommend playing? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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