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Wrekless: Everything We Know

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Besides Tony Hawk’s franchise, few other skateboarding games match the same rush of adrenaline the series provides. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remake and Riders Republic are probably at the top of the minds of skateboarding fans. Well, there’s also the upcoming Skate 4 by Electronic Arts to keep an eye out for.

Anyway, while we wait for Skate 4, you can also keep an eye on the upcoming Wrekless game, determined to break new ground in the skateboarding sports sub-genre. To get up to speed with development so far, here’s everything we know about Wrekless.

What is Wrekless?

girl doing a side flip with skateboard

Wrekless is an upcoming online skateboarding massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. It plans to host up to 50 players per game session, which while MMO games typically host up to a few thousand players at a time, is still impressive in the skateboarding sports sub-genre. 

See, Wrekless will be the first skateboarding game to offer a means for online players to connect to “city-sized ” large-scale skate parks. It’ll allow you to make friends who share the same passion for skateboarding. 

But beyond skating together, you’ll also be free to build skate parks after your own heart and share them with other skates in real time. It can be a lot for Free Range Games to muster. So, it’s no surprise that they want to kick the project off with Early Access. 


Mohawk guy skateboard flip

At the time of writing, there seems to be no particular story-driven campaign players will unravel. Wrekless’s gameplay seems to focus on multiplayer only, with currently no information on a single-player campaign. 

According to Wrekless’s Steam store page, Wrekless will be Free Range Games’ love letter to skateboarding culture. Hopefully, the game includes some kind of story that speaks to the rich history of skateboarding culture. 

We do know that Wrekless will allow you to customize your character. Hopefully, we’ll also unravel compelling backstories and storylines that keep you engaged.


Guy skateboarding on a rail

Wrekless will allow a maximum of 50 players per server, each skating simultaneously. Players will pull off clever tricks and chain slick combos. They’ll defy gravity as they skate on a diverse range of skate parks. 

Moreover, you’ll be free to build unique skate parks that defy logic, pushing online players’ skateboarding skills to the limits. You’ll create minigames in real time, challenging other skaters to conquer your creations. 

With the freedom to share skateparks with other players online, you’ll doubtlessly have an overwhelming assortment of parks to beat. Wrekless will have a ranking system, allowing you to quickly pick out the best user-created skate parks.

From fishbowls and speed boosts, you’ll access a wide range of park creation tools. You’ll be able to add and delete items like rails in real time. Wrekless' Steam store page promises “the most powerful park builder in skating games.”

The park builder system will allow you to modify parks on rooftops, streets, beaches, and cities. But beyond diverse regions, you’ll be able to tinker around with icy floors, portals, launchers and more. Here’s a deeper-dive breakdown of the key features you can expect.

Key Features

  • Skate – Grab your skateboard and embark on a wild adventure skating across diverse skate parks. The skateparks on offer will push you to pull off seemingly impossible tricks and chain outlandish gravity-defying combos. With each successful run, you’ll increase your boost meter, which allows you to perform even more show stopping tricks.
  • Build – You’ll be free to create your own skate parks in real time. Using halfpipes, laser pipes, giant buses, speed boosts, and more, you’ll tap into your creative side, unleashing out-of-this-world parks for your friends to test out. You’ll build and skate simultaneously with up to 50 friends. Moreover, you’ll explore wild scenarios like skate parks with bouncy floors, lava pits, and meteor showers. 
  • Share – You’ll share your skate park creations with the online community. The user-created park that has the most rides and appreciation will receive the “Most Popular Park” award.
  • Express Yourself – Thanks to Wrekless’ over 500 customizable cosmetic items, you’ll enjoy an overwhelming amount of skate parks. From trail effects to weather elements, skate parks will offer a different experience. To unlock cosmetics, you’ll need to earn in-game points by completing mini-games, building the best skate parks, completing achievements and more.
  • Line Recording – You’ll be free to record 20 seconds of your best skating tricks and combos. Other skaters will then watch your recording and try to pull them off or best your best moves.
  • Make Friends – Being an MMO, Wrekless will allow you to create a party where you can host skating challenges and make friends.



Free Range Games is currently working on developing and publishing Wrekless. If the studio sounds unfamiliar, you’ll probably know its founding members from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater‘s developing team. Beyond the Tony Hawk’s franchise, Free Range Games has experience working on other action sports games from as early as the 2000s. 

Now, they’re gearing up to break new ground in skateboarding with the upcoming massively multiplayer skateboarding game Wrekless. According to the developing team, Wrekless is the game they’ve always wanted to make. So, here’s to a new era, one that, hopefully, does well enough to span a long-running franchise.


Wrekless Reveal Trailer

Check out Wrekless' official announcement trailer currently out on YouTube. The music score stands out the most, with an upbeat vibe you can’t help bopping your head to.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Girl skating

Wrekless will launch in Fall 2024. We don’t have the exact release date yet. We do know that Wrekless plans to launch into Early Access for a year, with the developing team possibly changing the time period depending on community feedback. Further, Wrekless will be coming to PC platforms via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Meanwhile, editions remain unconfirmed at this time.

For the information still under wraps, you can follow the official social handle here to keep track of new updates. Alternatively, stick with us right here on for new information on all things gaming.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of Wrekless when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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