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What is Alien Worlds?

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The fact is, there are plenty of threads that contribute to the nexus that is the Metaverse. Come 2023, and its labyrinth of expansive multiplayer worlds will more than likely occupy and maintain a huge stake in the gaming industry. But as for the here and now, Metaverse locals are all flocking to one handle and one in particular: Alien Worlds, the blockchain phenomenon that is only becoming more and more popular by the day.

So, what is Alien Worlds, and why are people talking about it? Well, given the fact that it has pulled over 700,000 players since its inception, making it the fastest growing game on the Ethereum, Wax and Binance blockchain, it's evident the sci-fi entry has well and truly shot for the stars. With a booming player base and a blossoming platform to boot, the up and coming creation is single-handedly sweeping the market. The question, of course, is how it reached such an admirable altitude. Well, here's everything you need to know.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds Cinematic Trailer

Alien Worlds is a decentralised finance non-fungible token (DeFi NFT, for short) Metaverse, in which users are able to garner Trilium, the in-game currency, compete in intergalactic quests, and obtain unique items by traversing the scattered belt of planets.

To break it down a little easier — it's a space exploration game that lets players scrub various planets for resources (NFTs), accrue in-game currency, and complete various missions in the hopes of acquiring unique items. But let's break it down a little more.



Land is basically broken down into unique sections, which can then be purchased and used to mine for private gain, or leased to other users for comission. Each portion of land contains different resources, all of which come in the form of NFTs, and can help evolve your experience and equipment.



Every player starts their journey with a bog-standard shovel, which they can use to mine various items on the game Planets. However, with the starter shovel only possessing a low success rate, it all boils down to finding and harnessing better equipment. Upgraded shovels can, of course, be found when mining various in-game assets, or by completing missions around the Metaverse. The better the loadout — the higher the chances of getting more valuable loot. Simple.



Another way of grinding out Alien Worlds is to venture out on missions in the Metaverse. By leasing out spacecrafts, players can hop between planets and undertake various tasks, thereby increasing the chance of acquiring valuable NFTs.


What is Trilium?

Every game on the blockchain requires an in-game currency to help drive traffic and evolve the platform. Alien Worlds, in particular, uses a token called Trilium, or TLM, for short. Trilium is a cross chain ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX token that can be purchased on cryptocurrency markets. See below for more information on how to buy Trilium.

Using said token, players can vote in upcoming Planetary elections, as well as increase the planet's reward pool. It also serves as the grease that helps power the cogs of the actual game. You can read about its use cases in the section below.


Prices 2021/2022

At the time of writing, Trilium sells for just under $0.11, making it roughly $6.80 lower than its launch price back in May 2021. Typically, the token will gravitate towards the $0.10 and $0.20 area. You can view the current exchange rate for the coin here.


Trilium Use Cases

As mentioned above, Trilium is what powers the game's engines, and helps not only further develop it, but also gives players a stake in its governance system. But let's break it down.

  • Stake Trilium to participate in the governance of planets and other potential rewards.
  • Stake Trilium on a selected planet to participate in TLM and NFT mining.
  • Purchase and upgrade items, participate in quests and battles, and other in-game related activities.
  • Assist on developing the in-game ecosystem and activity.



Token TypeERC-20, BEP-20, and WAX
Binance Launchpool Start DateApril 7th 2021
Binance Launchpool Allocation150,000,000 TLM
Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance1,240,473,079 TLM
Total Token Supply when Listed on Binance5,135,726,585 TLM
Total Maximum Supply10,000,000,000 TLM


How to Store Trilium (TLM)

Alien Worlds' primary crypto wallet is MetaMask, which can be used to store, transfer, as well as trade the in-game currency. As the game also runs with WAX, users can use a function the game employs called Teleport, which acts as a gateway to thread coins from one wallet to the other. For more information on how to Teleport TLM from one wallet to another on a different scale, you can see a step-by-step guide on the official handle here.


How to Buy Alien Worlds Trilium (TLM)

Binance – Best for Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK, and most of the world. USA residents are prohibited from buying the  Alien Worlds (TLM) game token.  Use Discount Code: EE59L0QP for 10% cashback off all trading fees. – This is one of the best exchanges in the world that currently offers all of the leading gaming tokens including  Alien Worlds (TLM). This exchange currently accepts USA & UK residents.

To learn more visit How to Buy Alien Worlds.


How to Transfer Tokens to Play

Using the aforementioned method of Teleporting Trilium to one of few crypto wallets, players can use the token to funnel it into the game's NFTs and, in turn, progress further into the Planet system.

For more information on the up and coming blockchain sensation that is Alien Worlds, you can, of course, follow the official social handle here. For price predictions for the forthcoming year through to 2030, you can also see here.

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