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Tips & Tricks for Finding Your Perfect Gaming Squad



Gaming is always made better when played with friends. With that, your in-game success is likely better after finding your perfect gaming squad. We all know the gaming community, to put it nicely, can get a little overly passionate at times. That's why it can be a little nerve-racking approaching other gamers to squad up, but a majority of the time, this just isn't the case.

More often than you think, other gamers are looking to find the perfect gaming squad too. With people that share the same love and passion for the game that you maintain. So here are a couple of tips and tricks, to help finding your perfect gaming squad.


Tips & Tricks


  • Make Call Outs

If you're playing solo and constantly joining duo and trio squads, this is a great opportunity to find your gaming squad. I do understand it can be intimidating trying to budge your way into a lobby that already knows each other, that's why making call-outs is an easy way to participate. It also shows you're focused on helping their squad get a victory.

Countless of times I have joined other parties, while playing solo, and tagged along with them all night simply for the communication and success we had together in the first game. However, that won't happen if you don't speak up!


  • Bring the Immersion

As serious as some people take gaming, it is meant to be fun. That's why one of the most effective ways to finding your perfect squad, is simply by openly enjoying the game yourself. Making funny and dramatic call-outs just adds to the atmosphere, and will also help others open up. If they see how much fun you are having with the game, they will most likely want to tag along!


  • Don't Shoot on Site

This is a bit more niche advice for certain games, but it makes all the difference. In games like DayZ or Escape from Tarkov, sometimes speaking before you shoot can save your life and make you a new friend. It's a rarity in games that only give you one life at a time, which in turn makes gamers bloodthirsty bandits. However, if you're the one guy looking to talk before shedding led, then you just might make that person's day, and find a new gaming buddy.


What other tips and tricks do you have for finding your perfect squad? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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