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PlayStation Reveals Images and Features of the New PS5 Access Controller

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PlayStation has unveiled a series of captivating images of its new Accessibility PS5 controller. Along with the images, PlayStation has provided valuable insights into the features of the controller. According to a statement on the PlayStation blog, the controller is officially known as the Access Controller. 

In January, Sony introduced its revolutionary PlayStation 5 accessibility controller, initially known as “Project Leonardo.” This groundbreaking controller kit offers exceptional customization options. The controller allows gamers with disabilities to adjust joystick placement and button layout, thereby enhancing their gaming experience. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with existing PS5 hardware and software. It also features dedicated ports for third-party accessories, ensuring maximum personalization possibilities.

PlayStation Accessibility | PS5

PlayStation additionally unveiled further details about the Access Controller. The Access Controller comes equipped with an array of PlayStation analog sticks and button caps to cater to a wide spectrum of gamers. These include softer pillow button caps, flat button caps, wide flat button caps covering two button sockets, overhang button caps for players with smaller hands, and curve button caps that can be either pushed or pulled. Users can place the controller on a flat surface or mount it securely to an AMPS mount or tripod.

In addition to the physical features, PlayStation has also revealed information about the Access Controller's user interface. This innovative interface empowers players to create personalized UI settings tailored to different gameplay genres. Users can customize the joystick position, map specific inputs to particular buttons, enable or disable buttons as per their preference, and even assign two different input commands to a single key. Furthermore, players can pair up to two Access controllers with a single DualSense, effectively creating a virtual controller. Users can adjust the sensitivity of inputs, and activate the Toggle mode to simulate buttons being held down with a single press.

PlayStation first revealed the Access Controller earlier this year at CES. This is the first time PlayStation is making a controller for people with disabilities. PlayStation did not reveal the release date for the controller or the pricing.  

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