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Interview: Lucas Almeida – CEO INTZ eSports



INTZ is a Brazilian multi-game organization founded in June 2014. Currently, it has a list in the Brazilian League of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship and among other games such as Arena of Valor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six, CrossFire , Overwatch, Hearthstone, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Speed Drifters and Rocket League. They were previously known as INTZ e-Sports, it is currently the club with the highest achievements in CbLOL with 4 titles in total.

INTZ eSports is one of the largest organizations in the world. (Image: INTZ)

The organization’s mission is to provide emotion and professional excellence through titles and entertainment. Having the vision of being the biggest club in Latin America and having international recognition until 2022. Having the values of recognition, new talents, champion spirit, innovation and financial responsibility.

Lucas Almeida is the CEO of INTZ eSports. (Image: INTZ)

Lucas Almeida is the CEO of INTZ eSports, below the interview we had with him shows a little how the Brazilian eSports organization works, which is one of the largest in the world. Check out the interview:

When did INTZ appear and who was the creator?

INTZ emerged on June 20, 2014, it basically emerged from a dream of the son of my partner, Rogério. Had the dream of being a professional League of Legends player. They met on weekends, but Luan (Rogério’s son) did not want to leave the house to have fun because he had to train. So Rogério asked Luan to teach his father his world. And instead of showing how the game worked, he showed all the business behind eSports, from tournaments, awards, players and sponsorships. So that’s how INTZ eSports came about.

How many modalities and how many people are currently involved?

We are more than 105 people today, more than 85 athletes in 14 sports, with some sports having a male and a female team, totaling 18 teams.

How is INTZ’s gaming house established?

We understand that the Gaming House is a place where teams train and live. So we have a complete training center with more than 6 training stations, offices. More and more players are living in the surroundings, so they end up just going there for training, so it becomes a Gaming Office or Training Center. The area of this place consists of 1000 m², with 4 floors. With the kitchen, resting place and old dorms on the first floor, which are now being renovated and will be used as a training room. On the third floor the offices, and on the top floor the doctor’s office, ecommerce, press conference room.

INTZ is one of the 8 best clubs in the world according to Esports BAR in engagement with the community, what is the essential key to this success?

We were in second place, behind Vitality. Basically we are very engaged with the community, this was the main reason for having achieved this position. The key to success is always to put intrepid people first, without them there is no club, so we try to do everything with great care.

INTZ talent training is one of the organization’s strongest points, what are the most important aspects of having Academy teams?

You do not necessarily need to have the Academy team. But to invest in the training of new talents, to provide an adequate structure from the beginning. Not only in training, but also personal and professional.

Force Intrepid brings fans together with the organization through a Supporter Member, what are the biggest benefits of these association plans?

The Force Intrepid is a social supporter under construction. The biggest benefit is that with the value that the fan would buy the uniform. Being a partner wins the uniform in addition to accumulating points and exchanging players’ subscription raising the experience. Aiming to continue evolving this project of the Partner Partner.

How do you work with the players’ mental health issue?

We work with all the nutrition part. But mainly the psychologist and hypnotherapist part, helping a lot in the athletes’ performance.

INTZ is the club with the highest number of achievements in CBLoL, do you believe that in this year 2020 the number of titles of the team will increase?

Despite the poor start at this year’s CBLol, no one doubts our potential. One of the most important things is that it is not only at CBLol that we are the greatest champions. But in most of the modalities that we compete.

What is your expectation of the INTZ eSports brand for 5 years from now?

The expectation for 5 years from now, in addition to being the largest club in Latin America. Is to be present in other countries throughout the rest of the world. International expansion is part of our plans for the next 5 years, striving for continuous growth.

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