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INSIDE Is Available For Free on Epic Games Store

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With only one more sleep to go until Christmas, Epic Games are quickly bundling up another gift for the fifteen days of freebies — ribbon and all. For today and today only (or at least until 11 a.m ET tomorrow), you can get your hands on INSIDE, the bleak but wondrously beautiful story that centres around a young boy. From the developer that brought us Limbo, which also received wide critical acclaim for its narrative, design and soundtrack; INSIDE packs just as much of an emotional punch that leaves nothing but melancholy memories. Plus, if you're into deep storytelling and thought-provoking puzzles — then this one is for you.

Since Epic Games spread out the offer on the 17th, we've seen the likes of Cities: Skylines, The Long Dark, Alien: Isolation, Metro 2033 and Tropico 5. Plus, running alongside the stocking-filler freebies is a slash in prices on the store. With huge price cuts and bargain buys — Epic Games are aiming to return a little happiness to our wallets during this crazy time of year. In fact, it seems almost ridiculous to pass up such a good offer — especially on daily free games.

From the studio that brought us Limbo comes another fantastic story.

Do yourself a favour and stuff INSIDE in your library. Remember, you've only got until tomorrow to add it to your collection. The next game will be announced tomorrow at 11 a.m ET. Until then, we at hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Happy gaming!

You can pick up INSIDE on the Epic Games Store here.

Inside Official Launch Trailer

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