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5 Best Games like Spellbook Demonslayers

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Games like Spellbook Demonslayers

Picture Hogwarts and the spell casting. But instead of taking down Death Eaters, your formidable foes are demons. That's what Xendra delivers with their iconic damnation bullet-hell survival game, Spellbook Demonslayers. Drawing inspiration from Path of Exile and Vampire Survivors, the game's gameplay centers on making overpowered builds while running through an arena filled with enemies. 

Spellbook Demonslayers excels at providing an ingenious inventory of spells and upgrades. Playing as a witch, you choose your spells and snatch upgrades in the arena to defeat the demonic hordes. Moreover, absorbing your fallen enemy's gems lets you level up and add a spell to your book. Undeniably, the game creates great pressure to clear the bloodthirsty monsters that are slowly caving in. But thanks to the power-ups within reach, you can launch automatic atomic attacks that wipe off the hordes. If this sounds like your cup of tea, here are five other games like Spellbook Demonslayers worth checking out. 

5. Firestone: Online Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG ★ Gameplay ★ PC Steam [ Free to Play ] Game 2019 / 2021 ★ 1080p60FPS

Firestone: Online Idle RPG is a free-to-play idle battler where you play as a Firestone Guardian in a magical, expansive world. Unlike Spellbook Demonslayers, where you venture into a solo mission, Firestone lets you build a team of heroes from a roster of archers, knights, and wizards. 

Moreover, you're the game's boss; you can kick back and let your team do the hard work by launching automatic attacks on your enemies. Your team's formation and stats dictate your success. 

Furthermore, there's a deep storyline at play in the game. Traversing the magical world opens up a myriad of possibilities with rich tales. You can learn a thing or two from the interesting stories of dwarves, fairies, and orcs.  

4. Peglin

Peglin on Steam Trailer

Peglin plays like a hybrid of Slay the Spire and Peggle. You take on the role of a brave adventurer, Peglin, who's had just about enough of his gold getting stolen by other Peglins. To stop this, you must venture into the wild and slay the dragon that gives life to the peglins. What’s more, the platformer game features many levels, each with varying difficulties and objectives. Don't be fooled by its simplistic outlook; the game demands wit and agility to complete each level.

Moreover, like Spellbook Demonslayers, you'll encounter special orbs and coins that upgrade your character. Moreover, you'll also get access to new skills and abilities that are resourceful in your treacherous bullet head journey. 

Also, Peglin uses Pachicom-like gameplay where the more pegs you hit, the more damage you inflict on the foes charging toward you. Each successful round awards you with a reward, If you've taken damage, you may opt to heal yourself or upgrade your potions. 

3. Chicken Invaders Universe

Chicken Invaders Universe official trailer

It's a bird; it's a plane; no, it's a chicken that's hell-bent on revenge and coming to earth. Immerse yourself in the finger-blistering intergalactic action in a dynamic 3D environment in Chicken Invaders Universe. You play as a brave pilot who must protect the galaxy against a breed of nefarious chickens. Yes, you read it right; your greatest enemy is a bird. The chickens are on a mission to avenge their earth-born brothers, who always end up as sumptuous meals for centuries. 

The human race has formed a special elite unit, the United Hero Force (UHF), which is mankind's only hope against the fowl race. You start the game as a rookie who just joined the force. Your mission is to kill the chicken and rise in the UHF ranks. Each level features hordes of chickens and their alien pals. If this is the apocalypse we're anticipating, it's not too late to become a vegetarian. 

Moreover, your intergalactic mission takes place aboard a ship. You can customize your ship with weapons and upgrade it to take down an entire flock. As usual, the arena contains power-ups for a snowball attack that fries the birds. Moreover, there are new galaxies and civilizations to explore. So chart your way through the universe and get a top spot in the UHF Heroes Academy. 

2. Vampire Survivors

Launch Trailer - Vampire Survivors

Right off the bat, Vampire Survivors seems like a basic game with rogue-like elements. But once you deep your feet into its gameplay, you'll be hooked up to the end. Just like Spellbook Demonslayers, you face off against a swarm of bloodthirsty creatures in 30 minutes. The game's theme centers on gothic horror, with a roster of 49 Castlevania-like characters. Eight of the characters are available as DLC. Each character gets a unique weapon equipped with varying techniques and damage profiles. 

Moreover, you start with one weapon and increase your inventory by maiming the enemies. Each kill grants you more experience and a level-up, giving you access to more weapons and passive items. Also, the game complements the challenging gameplay with plenty of resources that help you snowball the enemies. For instance, you'll come across destructible light sources that occasionally emerge.

Furthermore, the game features three different, ever-expanding maps. You may run in one direction for the entire game period and not meet its end. So if you spot a pick-up and opt to circle back and get it later, chances are you may not. 

1. Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors - Official Early Access Teaser Trailer

There's never a dull moment with bullet head games. If you're not battling swarms of enemies, you're leveling up your ammo by upgrading spells. Soulstone Survivors is one such game that ropes you into the fast-paced action of battling endless foes using spells. You start as a small character with minimal DPS at the game's inception and level up to a god-tier level. 

Moreover, your mission is to take down waves of bosses as the hordes of foes draw in on you. As the enemies gradually become stronger, you'll need more time to work your way through vanquishing them. Upgrading your spells deals more damage with a satisfying and cinematic finish. The more enemies you kill, the more you level up. Moreover, you must be hasty in deciding which builds to use by locating synergies littered in the game's arena. 

Furthermore, the gameplay features a progression layer that keeps advancing the difficulty and unlocking new characters. The more intense the game gets, the higher the rewards. Also, if you wish to go bonkers, you can take on the endless cycle where you advance to incredibly challenging levels with the same character. The mode presents more avenues for leveling up, which you can use to improve your avatar's stats and skills.


So, what's your take on our picks for the five games, like Spellbook Demonslayers? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.


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