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Far Cry 6: 5 Things We’re Crossing Our Fingers For



Well, Far Cry 6 is just around the corner, ready for its long-awaited October 7 launch date. Until that curtain finally draws on the sixth instalment, of course, we, as die-hard fans of the series, are able to dissect pretty much everything the upcoming world has dished out to date. And although we've basically been gift wrapped the bulk of the plot and surrounding details already, there are still a few niche features that have yet to be explored. And that's where we come in.

While Far Cry as a series has stayed true to its rebel-dictator formula, as will the upcoming entry, there are still a few additional things that we're clutching at straws for. Whether they'll ever come to fruition or not is another story. But with that said, it seems only right that we list them, if only to spectate while the game dots its i's and crosses the t's for October. So, from that, here are five things we're crossing our fingers for with Far Cry 6.

5. 125% Cuba (Yara)

One of the first details Ubisoft let slip during the Far Cry 6 announcement was the location of which the game will take place in. Yara, at long last, will finally break away from the northern territories and Indian regions after several major instalments. The question that remains, of course, is how much of the Cuba-inspired division will be explorable come launch day?

While Ubisoft has been known to produce enormous worlds with an abundance of filler over the years, there has been the odd exception, with a harsher focus on one particular city or area. But having this new urban jungle in its entirety at the forefront of Far Cry 6, it would seem like a waste to build on the latter. After all, with Cuban influences being so vast and vibrant, we'd be pretty bummed if its colours turn out to be no brighter than a monochrome draft.


4. More Than a Radio Tower

One of the running things that has kept Far Cry going strong all these years is the capture and conquer side activities. Along with ascending and scrambling the iconic radio towers, sneaking into enemy encampments has always been the biggest priority outside the main story arc. And it's worked, time and time again, no matter how many we've disconnected or burnt to the ground.

With that being said, we are crossing our fingers for something a little more original from Far Cry 6. While radio towers and enemy bases tie in with that familiar flow of the open world and its history, a few additional activities definitely wouldn't go amiss in the next chapter. What I'm trying to say is this: Far Cry 6 needs a little extra something to help divide it from its preceding entries. So, maybe less climbing towers, and more Yara exclusive side hustles? Just a thought.


3. A Genuinely Likeable Protagonist

As much as we adore Ubisoft's pure devotion to its villainous board and its complimenting corrupt motives, we do have to put our hands up to acknowledge the elephant in the room. The protagonists. They're just not that great. In fact, they never really have been. And if they're not silent, they're just a blank canvas with a mundane series of template characteristics. And to be fair, even Ubisoft probably pleads guilty to such a harsh critique.

The villains are what make the Far Cry franchise superior in the first-person shooter domain. From Vaas to Pagan, each chapter has brought out a genuinely fascinating bad guy with a just as gripping backstory. But the shoes we fill? We tend to forget they even exist most of the time. Perhaps Far Cry 6 can change that tired old formula? After all, heroes need love, too. Share the spotlight a little, eh?


2. Avoid the Clichés!

It goes like this: evil governor rules war-torn city, squeezing funds and freedom from its common dwellers to help further advance the propaganda and corruption that grapples the region. Rebel cause knuckles up, enrols a certain “someone” to help reclaim the streets and return each district to it's rightful people. Evil governor gets dethroned, lo and behold — the region is restored to its former tranquil state. Sound familiar? Well, it should do, seeing as it was the premise of most Far Cry games to date.

It sells. Of course it does. Like Assassin's Creed and its Apple of Eden structure — Ubisoft know how to extract blood from the same parched vein, no matter the quantity of drops left in the pipeline. And the same goes for the Far Cry outline. Far Cry 6, admittedly, feels no different to its previous chapters. It's not ideal, but it sells. However, we wouldn't mind seeing Ubi throw in a few curveballs this time around. Avoid the clichés, that's all we're saying.


1. Ixnay on the Microtransactions-nay

It goes without saying that Far Cry 6 will implement a certain level of microtransactions in its campaign. This was pretty much confirmed after “In-Game Purchases” was uncovered in the ESRB rating details after the announcement was made. Of course, it comes as no surprise, seeing as Far Cry 5 fused them into its core also. However, the worry for us now is whether or not Ubisoft will rely on them a little more than returning players will be comfortable with.

In a world so encouraged by a play-to-win scheme, video games have effectively tampered with gamer's minds, resulting in less skill and more quickfire buyouts in order to reap the rewards of victory. And that's something we really don't want to see in Far Cry 6. We want to play for the sake of playing, and enjoy Yara and its spoils of war through hard work alone. And so, here's hoping the immersion isn't tarnished through cash grabs and money-hungry devs. Fingers crossed.

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