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Elizabeth Ann Clark, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of AEXLAB – Interview Series

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Elizabeth Ann Clark is the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of AEXLAB, an experienced virtual reality company with cutting-edge technology to provide gamers with high-quality, immersive, interactive and social gaming experiences.

You are a lifetime gamer, what initially attracted you to games?

My dad was the one who got me into games, we'd spend hours talking about the lore and funny NPCs we had encountered. The hero's journey in games like Morrowind and Might and Magic VIII and VIV really imprinted this obsession with games. Making games has been such an unexpected and rewarding path. Especially now when we're at such an exciting time for VR development.

What type of games are you most passionate about?

Social/online games really elevate the experience. Being able to hang out with friends, and maybe not even play the game, but be together, experience a new world, and even be silly. Video games are really special in that we have the freedom to play and keep that childlike curiosity alive. Shared experiences are deeply human and necessary.

Why do you believe that VR is the future of gaming?

VR is the ultimate social experience beyond IRL interactions. In some sense, it could be even more engaging than reality because we transcend the law of physics of our world. VR has the possibility of being the most social gaming experience of all time, and we're only at the beginning.

What is currently missing in the VR experience to take it to the next level?

All the elements are there, from the hardware to haptics and peripherals, we just need more content.

AEXLAB is currently funding raising on StartEngine, could you tell us more about this fundraise?

The campaign is offered under the SEC Regulation CF. This new and relatively unknown form of capital raise allows the public to invest and actually hold stock in the company. In our case, we really want to push VR forward, and now we have the opportunity to reach more people that share our passion for VR and technology. StartEngine and RegCF are helping to make virtual reality a new reality for more users and gamers.

What is your day to day like role at AEXLAB?

At AEXLAB, as Chief Creative Officer, my role involves designing the visual feel and aesthetic of the company and VAIL. Overseeing the visual designers and artists. Working with concept artists, technical artists, character artists, and environment artists. This year we are expanding our team of artists, and currently seeking more talent.

What type of games is AEXLAB most interested in building?

We're most interested in multiplayer VR games geared toward competitive play and rich social experiences.

Could you give us some details on the first game that will be launched?

VAIL is an online-tactical shooter for VR set in the near future featuring 5v5 gameplay modes. We're currently doing alpha play-tests with the community, and anyone can request access to join on Steam.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about AEXLAB?

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