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Dreams Central Looks to Recreate Sony’s PlayStation Home



It feels like a lifetime ago since Sony closed the books on PlayStation Home. And yet, even after the tech giant pulled the plug a few years back, people are still refusing to seal the looping hole that was left after it departed. Luckily for us, however, a new studio has stepped up to bat and has since set their ambitions on creating a fully-fledged remake of Sony's game. Oh, and did we forget to mention that the whole project is being developed through the Dreams engine? Yes — Dreams.

Dreams Central will look to draw the energy and pace from the much-loved Sony game, and ultimately morph it into a bustling new social hub. With added extras that never quite made it to the PlayStation Home chapter on PS3, the overly ambitious team will use the Dreams engine to bridge the gaps and deliver what Sony never wanted to construct. Of course, that's a rather weighty task to take on — but an admirable one nonetheless.

“When PlayStation Home closed, it left a void in the gaming community which hasn’t really been filled,” the community-led team wrote. “The idea of a 3D social network was ahead of its time and the initial vision wasn’t fully realised.”

“We aim to do something similar to the initial concept and act as a stepping stone to the metaverse. Games like Planet Coaster, The Urbz, Jet Set Radio, ThrillVille and Splatoon also inspired us along the way.”

Dreams Central - Announcement Trailer

So, Dreams really can come true?

As stated by the team backing the ambitious game — ever since Sony sidelined their PlayStation Home bolt-on in 2015, a void has been left to explore. However, through the power of Dreams, the looming potential of the once-loved game will finally be realised. Lo and behold, Dreams Central will look to resurrect the Sony hit and give it a whole new take where the community has already assembled to see its ascension.

With all of this in mind, there is a slight catch to Dreams Central (or just Dreams in general). As it stands, Dreams does not support online multiplayer, and instead only offers standalone titles with the ability to create and promote your own works. Of course, that doesn't exactly bode well with a game that is predominantly an MMORPG. Having said that, when speaking to reporters a little while back, Media Molecule did promise to implement it at a later date.

Since the promises to add multiplayer functionality to the mix, Dreams has since welcomed VR compatibility to the fold. And while that's all well and good for plenty of other creators in the community, it still doesn't push Dreams Central any closer to fulfilment. But with that said, the team behind the game have slated a 2022 release for the project. So, while the future of the game does pretty much idle on Media Molecule's loose promises, it does seem that the fans are definitely eager to see the project come to life. Either way — here's hoping the British developer is true to their word.


Sony closed the books on PlayStation Home in 2015. There are no future plans to resurrect the PlayStation 3 title.

PlayStation Home Trailer (HD)

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