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Cities: Skylines Available for Free on Epic Games Store

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Epic Games have stepped forward with an entire stocking crammed to the brim with fifteen free goodies. Offering a new download every day from today up until the end of December, the generous developer aims to return joy to a rather terrible year. With a whole catalogue of potential runners in the stocking, fans have already started making a few guesses as to what we'll receive. In ways, it doesn't really matter — seeing as they're free.

Day one has arrived and Epic Games have introduced their first downloadable stocking filler. Cities: Skylines, ladies and gentlemen; the city-building simulator that has amassed an incredible following since its 2015 launch. Available for the next 24 hours only, this one-time deal is an offer you can't refuse — and it really only takes a few minutes to line-up.

What could tomorrow bring for the Epic Games giveaway?

Seeing as Cities: Skylines is usually retailed at $30, it sort of makes sense to snatch the deal while you have the chance. And, it's worth holding on to that Epic Games account for the next two weeks, too. As Epic Games have produced the likes of Gears of War and other massive hits, it is possible that we'll see another few big releases over the coming days. Even if they aren't to your taste — we can't fault free games.

Simply drop in to the Epic Games Store now and either sign in or create a free account to pick up your copy. Remember, you'll only have until tomorrow until the game gets removed. So, do yourself a favour and stash this one in your library!

Cities: Skylines - Release Trailer

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